Eligibility Requirement definition

Eligibility Requirement means the requirement, with respect to the applicable Person, that such Person (i) has a capital/statutory surplus or shareholdersequity of not less than $200,000,000 and (ii) regularly engages in the business of making loans.
Eligibility Requirement means that a candidate for election to the City Council has deposited in the candidate’s campaign bank account campaign contributions, from persons other than the candidate, totaling

Examples of Eligibility Requirement in a sentence

  • Eligibility The General Eligibility requirement for admission to Bachelors’ and Integrated Masters’ Programmes is the Class XII examination, or its equivalent.

More Definitions of Eligibility Requirement

Eligibility Requirement means, with respect to any person, that such person has total assets (in name or under management) in excess of £1 billion (or equivalent) and (except with respect to a pension advisory firm or similar fiduciary) capital/statutory surplus or shareholder’s equity of at least£500 million (or equivalent).

Related to Eligibility Requirement

  • Mandatory City Requirements means those City laws set forth in the San Francisco Municipal Code, including the duly authorized rules, regulations, and guidelines implementing such laws, that impose specific duties and obligations upon Contractor.

  • Eligibility Criteria means the criteria set forth in Rule 301(a).

  • Safety Requirements means Prudent Electrical Practices, CPUC General Order No. 167, Contractor Safety Program Requirements, and all applicable requirements of Law, PG&E, the Utility Distribution Company, the Transmission Provider, Governmental Approvals, the CAISO, CARB, NERC and WECC.

  • Privacy Requirements means (a) Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, 15 U.S.C. 6801 et seq., (b) federal regulations implementing such act codified at 12 CFR Parts 40, 216, 332 and 573, (c) the Interagency Guidelines Establishing Standards For Safeguarding Customer Information and codified at 12 CFR Parts 30, 208, 211, 225, 263, 308, 364, 568 and 570 and (d) any other applicable federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations and orders relating to the privacy and security of Seller’s Customer Information, as such statutes, regulations, guidelines, laws, rules and orders may be amended from time to time.

  • Administrative Requirement means any required notice, filing or other similar administrative requirements (other than any requirement for Consent or any Eligibility Requirements) for the Transfer of any Appointment to the applicable Purchaser as set forth in the related Corporate Trust Contract.