Use Level definition

Use Level means the maximum permitted use level for each Use Type, as specified in the applicable Notification Form.
Use Level means a quantity of licensed uses of the Licensed Software based on the license use meter and model (which may include operating system, hardware system, application or machine tier limitations, if applicable) by which Symantec measures, prices and licenses the right to use the Licensed Software and/or to access Maintenance. License use meter and model options are defined in the Product Use Rights Supplement. Use Level and applicable use meter or model is indicated in the applicable Entitlement Confirmation. Use Level applies to the corresponding Maintenance that You purchased for use with the Licensed Software.

Examples of Use Level in a sentence

  • Before investing you may want to consult your tax adviser.BUYING A DIVIDEND The Fund will distribute net investment income, if any, quarterly, and net realized capital gains, if any, at least annually.

  • If Customer’s Measured Use Level is greater than Customer’s Bandwidth Commitment per circuit for any month, Customer will pay the price for each Mbps over the circuit’s respective Bandwidth Commitment.

  • Any Product Updates/Upgrades to an existing license do not modify or alter Your Use Level and are provided under Symantec’s then-current applicable policies.

  • Customer will pay the overage price based on the Master Site rates for each Mbps over the Measured Use Level in a month for the sum of the Bandwidth Commitments within a Burstable Aggregate Group.

  • Maintenance is made available only for the specific Licensed Software, for the Use Level, and Maintenance term stated in the applicable Entitlement Confirmation.

More Definitions of Use Level

Use Level means the license use model (which may include, but not be limited to, by Computer, console, operating system, hardware system, application, CPU, key, User, server, Virtual Machines, machine tier limitations, as applicable) by which Trend Micro measures, prices and licenses the right to use the Software and/or Services, in effect at the time an order is placed for such Software or Services, as indicated in this Agreement and the applicable License Instrument. “Users” are Your employees or independent consultants who use, or have access to, a Computer (including a shared Computer) or other device to perform work for You, which Computer or device is connected directly or indirectly to the server(s) or other systems on which the Software is installed or who benefit from the use of the Software or is the person who actually uses any portion of the Software.
Use Level means the unit of measurement, i.e. meter, by which Symantec measures, prices and sells the right to use a given ESA Offering in effect at the time an Order is placed, as indicated in the applicable Product Exhibit, Certificate, or XXXX.
Use Level means the purchased Service entitlement(s) under the license model(s) by which ApneDukaan - Pinestraw Digital measures, prices and offers the Services to Customer as set forth at xxxxx://