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  • Should Servicer be called upon or elect to assist in obtaining any documents or information which may be missing from the Legal File, Owner shall be required to reimburse Servicer for any reasonable expense incurred by Servicer in providing that assistance, whether or not Servicer is ultimately successful in obtaining the missing information.

  • No Subsequent Receivable has been amended except to the extent reflected in the related Legal File on the Subsequent Transfer Date.

  • The Custodian shall maintain continuous custody of the Legal File and such other documents received by it in secure facilities in accordance with customary standards for such custody and shall not release such documents or transfer such documents to any other party, including any subcustodian, except as otherwise expressly provided herein.

  • In addition, in the case of any Legal File which does not contain either an original Lien Certificate, an application for a certificate of title or a Dealer Title Guaranty for the related Financed Vehicle, the Custodian shall certify that the related Dealer is listed on the Dealer Title Addendum.

  • The Custodian shall make a list of Receivables for which an application for a certificate of title or a Dealer Title Guaranty but not a Lien Certificate is included in the Legal File as of the date of its review of the Legal Files and deliver a copy of such list to the Servicer, the Trust Collateral Agent and the Note Insurer.

More Definitions of Legal File

Legal File means, with respect to any Eligible Mezzanine Loan or Eligible B Note, the applicable documents listed on Schedule C attached hereto.
Legal File means “all pleadings, motions, minute entries, orders, or other documents as the court may order.” Rule 19 (A)(1), Arizona Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court.
Legal File means, as to each Contract, the original Contract, and the assignment of such Contract to Borrower, the Assignment to Lender, the original or a copy of the credit application, evidence of verification of physical damage insurance, the Lien Certificate and any applicable notice to co-signer.
Legal File shall have the meaning given to such term in the REIT Servicing Agreement.
Legal File means, with respect to each Mortgage Loan, the following documents:
Legal File. The file containing those items listed in Exhibit C attached ---------- --------- hereto, and any additional documents required to be added thereto pursuant to this Agreement.