Janitorial Service definition

Janitorial Service. No one other than those approved in writing by ------------------ Landlord shall be permitted to perform any janitorial service on the Property. Janitorial service, if supplied by Landlord, shall not include shampooing or spotcleaning of carpets, cleaning of mini blinds, nor movement of furniture. Landlord shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to any Tenant's property by the janitor, its employees or any other person performing janitorial services.
Janitorial Service means the following services: 1. Services of Elevators, Lobbies and Corridors
Janitorial Service. Lessor shall furnish janitorial services during the term of this Lease. The janitorial service shall be provided five times per week during the term of this Lease. Lessee shall pay for cost of cleaning services required by non-standard improvements or special operations.

Examples of Janitorial Service in a sentence

  • Janitorial Service team will spend a minimum of 2 hours at each building that is 2,000 sq.

  • This agreement will be issued to cover the Janitorial Service requirements for all State Agencies and shall be accessible to any School District, Political Subdivision, or Volunteer Fire Company.

  • Janitorial Equipment and Supplies: One Unit of shall be defined as any equipment or supply item necessary to deliver the Janitorial Service as individually described on the Location specification Sheet, and the cost for which shall be recorded and itemized separately from the Janitorial Service.

  • The Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, supplies, equipment, and incidentals necessary to perform Janitorial Service needed throughout each facility including break areas, coffee bars, vending areas, common areas, conference rooms and restrooms.

  • The USDOT Model Legis- lation provides for the receipt, evaluation, and accep- tance of unsolicited proposals.

  • Box 1836, Bloomington, IL 61702 309-454-3342 FaxCapitol Trucking MBE Janitorial Service, Snow Removal, Trucking 309-679-9388Eddie Washington 2803 Creston Ln., Peoria, IL 61604 309-339-5313 CellCentral IL Construction Inc.

  • The work performed and the supplies furnished in accordance with this Item and measured as provided under “Measurement” will be paid for at the unit price bid for Janitorial Service (Weekly and Monthly); Janitorial Service Periodic Window Washing, and Strip/Wax Tile Floors.

  • Landlord shall be in no way responsible to Tenant for any loss of property from the leased premises, however occurring, or for any damage done to the effects of Tenant by the Janitorial Service or any of Landlord's employees, or by any other person.

  • Janitorial Service Contract Example After VECP Changes 118Table 4.

  • Janitorial Service Contract Example Before VECP Changes 118Table 3.

More Definitions of Janitorial Service

Janitorial Service means: (i) cleaning or janitorial services (sanitizing and housekeeping) rendered on a consistent frequency pursuant to a contract, written or oral, entered into with management or tenants of any commercial or institutional building; and (ii) non-janitorial services provided for the management or tenants of commercial or institutional buildings including carpet maintenance, carpet cleaning, hard surface floor maintenance and furniture cleaning; and (iii) all other ancillary services provided in conjunction.
Janitorial Service means the cleaning and related maintenance of the occupied
Janitorial Service means a commercial firm or independent contractor to clean the facility;, or to remove trash. Such costs are deductible unless the bureau-grantor agreement, facility permit, or other BSVI agreement assigns such responsibility to someone other than the operator.
Janitorial Service means the business of providing commercial janitorial and other facility services that OpenWorks has authorized you to conduct under the Trade Names, Marks and System pursuant to this Agreement.

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