Definition of Cash Award

Cash Award means an award denominated in cash.
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Cash Award means an Award granted pursuant to Section 12 hereof.
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Cash Award means a Performance Award representing the right to receive a future cash payment, the payment of which is subject to the achievement of Performance Objectives during a Performance Period.
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Examples of Cash Award in a sentence

A Performance Cash Award may also require the completion of a specified period of Continuous Service.
The Board may specify the form of payment of Performance Cash Awards, which may be cash or other property, or may provide for a Participant to have the option for his or her Performance Cash Award, or such portion thereof as the Board may specify, to be paid in whole or in part in cash or other property.
At the time of grant of a Performance Cash Award, the length of any Performance Period, the Performance Goals to be achieved during the Performance Period, and the measure of whether and to what degree such Performance Goals have been attained will be conclusively determined by the Committee (or, if not required for compliance with Section 162(m) of the Code, the Board), in its sole discretion.
The Board may provide for or, subject to such terms and conditions as the Board may specify, may permit a Participant to elect for, the payment of any Performance Cash Award to be deferred to a specified date or event.
A Performance Cash Award is a cash award (for a dollar value not in excess of that set forth in Section 3(d) above) that is payable contingent upon the attainment during a Performance Period of certain Performance Goals.

More definitions of Cash Award

Cash Award shall mean a cash incentive payment awarded under the Plan as described under Section 11.
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