Stock Award definition

Examples of Stock Award in a sentence

  • A Restricted Stock Award is an Award entitling the recipient to acquire, at such purchase price (if any) as determined by the Administrator, shares of Stock subject to such restrictions and conditions as the Administrator may determine at the time of grant (“Restricted Stock”).

  • Restricted Stock may not be sold, assigned, transferred, pledged or otherwise encumbered or disposed of except as specifically provided herein or in the Restricted Stock Award agreement.

  • Key terms of the 2005 Stock Award Plan include: o The Company will increase the shares available for grant under its stock compensation plans by a net amount of 100,750 shares of Common Stock.

  • A Participant shall be one hundred percent (100%) vested at all times in the amount of Fees elected to be deferred under this Plan and Earnings thereon credited to the Participant’s Account, in all RSUs issued to the Participant (whether through the deferral of the annual Stock Award, the - 6-deferral of the Annual Board Retainer or through the dividend equivalent mechanism described in Section 2.11).

  • The Administrator may, in its sole discretion, grant (or sell at a purchase price (determined by the Administrator) an Unrestricted Stock Award to any grantee, pursuant to which such grantee may receive shares of Stock free of any restrictions (“Unrestricted Stock”) under the Plan.

More Definitions of Stock Award

Stock Award means an Award of shares of Common Stock granted under Section 10, the rights of ownership of which are not subject to restrictions prescribed by the Committee.
Stock Award means an award or issuance of Shares or Stock Units made under Section 11 of the Plan, the grant, issuance, retention, vesting and/or transferability of which is subject during specified periods of time to such conditions (including, without limitation, continued employment or performance conditions) and terms as are expressed in the agreement or other documents evidencing the Award (the “Stock Award Agreement”).
Stock Award means a grant of shares of Common Stock to an Eligible Person under Section 7 hereof that are issued free of transfer restrictions and forfeiture conditions.
Stock Award means unrestricted shares of Stock granted to an Eligible Person under Section 6(f).
Stock Award means an award in the form of shares of Common Stock or units denominated in shares of Common Stock.