Section 17.2 Sample Clauses

Section 17.2. 31 Salaries contained in Schedule A shall be for the entire term of this Agreement, subject to the terms 32 and conditions of Section 18.3 in Article XVIII (Term). Should the date of execution of this 33 Agreement be subsequent to the effective date, salaries, including overtime, shall be retroactive to the 34 effective date.
Section 17.2. 10 All employees in positions covered by this Agreement who fail to provide such licenses and/or 11 certificates as may be required by State or local law or regulations, will not be allowed to work under 12 the terms of this Agreement until said certificate is provided to the administrator of personnel, and/or 13 supervisor. Whenever additional licenses and/or certificates are required, the District will give every 14 assistance possible to the employee. However, it is the obligation of the employee to keep the required 15 licenses and/or certificates in force, and failure to do so may be deemed cause for disciplinary action, 16 suspension without pay, or discharge in accordance with Section 11.1.
Section 17.2. All provisions of this Agreement shall be applicable to the entire term of this Agreement 14 notwithstanding its execution date, except as provided in Section 17.3, below.
Section 17.2. 23 The provisions set forth in this Agreement constitute the entire Collective Bargaining Agreement between 24 the parties. Unless the parties mutually agree to do otherwise, or unless the parties are so compelled in 25 order to remain in compliance with the law or administrative regulations, all provisions of this Agreement 26 shall be applicable to the entire term of this Agreement. The terms and conditions set forth in the 27 Agreement are not subject to express or implied changes by either party which would enlarge or reduce 28 the rights of the parties under the Agreement, unless the parties mutually agree to do otherwise.