LTIP Award definition

LTIP Award means each or any, as the context requires, LTIP Award issued under any Equity Incentive Plan.
LTIP Award means each or any, as the context requires, LTIP Award issued under the OPP Agreement or otherwise having the economic rights and entitlements and such other rights and entitlements, and subject to the vesting, forfeiture and additional restrictions on transfer, as set forth in the applicable LTIP Award, including any amendments thereto.
LTIP Award means an incentive compensation opportunity granted under the LTIP.

Examples of LTIP Award in a sentence

The principal terms of the LTIP are detailed below:Principal terms of LTIP Number of options Maximum award limit under the plan will be 200% of salary per annum.Exercise price NilPerformance period 3 yearsPerformance conditions There are two performance targets attaching to the LTIP award.50% of LTIP Award will relate to an EPS growth target.

The vesting of LTIP Awards may (and, in the case of an LTIP Award to an Executive Director other than a Recruitment Award will) be subject to the satisfaction of performance conditions.

Cumulative adjusted PBT performance target for the 2014-2017 LTIP Award means operating profit after any charges arising from the LTIP.

The Compensation Committee determined the LTIP performance modifier to be 200% for the first one-third tranche of the 2017 LTIP Award attributed to adjusted EBITDA.

Each Award Notice with respect to an LTIP Award shall specify (A) the Performance Period to which the Award relates, (B) the applicable Cash Hurdle, Target EBITDAR Margin and Stretch EBITDAR Margin, (C) the applicable Base Amount Multiple, and (D) the applicable Payout Percentages set forth in Section 2.1(dd) hereof with respect to the Participant applicable upon the date of grant of the Award.

More Definitions of LTIP Award

LTIP Award means an Award of performance shares under the LTIP.
LTIP Award means the Multi-Year Stock Option Grant dated November 2, 2005.
LTIP Award means a grant under the LTIP.
LTIP Award means each or any, as the context requires, an award of LTIP Units issued under any Equity Plan.
LTIP Award means an equity award granted under an LTIP prior to the Company’s 2009 fiscal year and approved for deferral under the Plan by the Plan Administrator. To the extent the Committee approves an adjustment to any LTIP Awards deferred under the Plan as a result of any dividend or other distribution (whether in the form of cash, Campbell Stock or other securities), recapitalization, stock split, reverse stock split, reorganization, merger, consolidation, split-up, spin-off, combination, repurchase or exchange of Campbell Stock or other securities of the Company, issuance of warrants or other rights to purchase Campbell Stock or other securities of the Company, issuance of Campbell Stock pursuant to the anti-dilution provisions of Campbell Stock, or other similar corporate transaction or event that affects the Campbell Stock such that an adjustment is appropriate in order to prevent dilution or enlargement of the benefits or potential benefits intended to be made available under the Plan, the Company shall adjust equitably any or all of the LTIP Awards credited to a Participant’s Account Balance. Notwithstanding the foregoing, on and after the Company’s 2009 fiscal year, Eligible Executives who are Directors shall continue to be permitted to defer LTIP Awards.
LTIP Award means any award, other than a stock option or restricted stock award, granted under a long-term incentive plan maintained by the Affiliated Group (including the Company’s 2006 Long-Term Incentive Plan and the 2010 Long-Term Incentive Plan).
LTIP Award or “Award” means an award to a Participant which may entitle such Participant to receive a payment, the amount of which is set forth in Section 6.2 hereof, pursuant to the provisions of the Plan.