Helpdesk definition

Helpdesk means the helpdesk facility provided by GBG to handle enquiries and administration for the Service.
Helpdesk means the facility provided by BravoSolution UK Ltd to handle support queries and issues raised by Supplier Users.
Helpdesk means first-tier support provided to End Users by Customer.

Examples of Helpdesk in a sentence

  • Contacting a Technician Call the TNL Helpdesk at 000-000-0000 or through email at Problem Escalation Procedures Consistent, clear and open communication between TNL and the Customer is critical to the success of all TNL implementations.

More Definitions of Helpdesk

Helpdesk means the service described in paragraph 3.5 of Section C of this Service Level Specification;
Helpdesk means the helpdesk facility which GBG provides to handle enquiries and administration for the Service.
Helpdesk means the support centre made available to Our customers to which technical queries relating to Our supported software and equipment are directed. Customers may be charged for emails or telephone calls to the Helpdesk. Relevant information is available on Our Website.
Helpdesk means the helpdesk provided specifically for Customers to report loss of Smart Cards and compromise or suspected compromise of Smart Cards and Private Keys. The Helpdesk is available by telephone between the hours of 7.30am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday, except for Bank Holidays;
Helpdesk means providing access to expert resources through the helpdesk service by telephone, mail and/or e-mail.
Helpdesk means BT’s customer service helpdesk as notified to the Customer and Users from time to time.
Helpdesk means Conquest’s dedicated team of qualified support specialists.