NOC definition

Examples of NOC in a sentence

  • For more information about the NOC and how it works, please visit this section.

  • In cases where EPA has not received a notice of commencement (NOC) and the chemical substance has not been added to the TSCA Inventory, no person may commence such activities without first submitting a PMN.

  • Experience in a lower skill level NOC is not considered as directly related.

  • The BC PNP defines directly related work experience as paid employment that is classified under the same NOC code as the B.C. job offer that you have accepted.

  • If you are claiming points for language under the registration system, you must provide the BC PNP with a copy of your language test results at the time of application, regardless of the NOC Skill Level of your B.C. job offer.

More Definitions of NOC

NOC means the No Objection Certificate/ Open Access permission/ Concurrence/ Approval issued by the concerned Distribution Licensee/ SLDC/ Transco/ any other relevant authority as may be applicable from time to time;
NOC means the National Olympic Committee of each country.
NOC means not otherwise classified. A classification designated "NOC" shall apply only if no other classification more specifically describes the insured’s business.