NOC definition

Examples of NOC in a sentence

  • If pursuant to any audit and/or inspection hereunder, Txxx notifies IPC of any deviations from any Product Approvals (including NOC commitments), Specifications or Good Manufacturing Practices, then IPC shall develop a plan of action to correct such deficiencies that is acceptable to Taro and shall promptly carry out such plan at its own expense.

More Definitions of NOC

NOC means network operating center.
NOC means Network and Support Operating Centre.
NOC means the No Objection Certificate/ Open Access permission/ Concurrence/ Approval issued by the concerned Distribution Licensee/ SLDC/ Transco/ any other relevant authority as may be applicable from time to time;
NOC means not otherwise classified. A classification designated "NOC" shall apply only if no other classification more specifically describes the insured’s business.
NOC means the National Olympic Committee of each country.