Finalized definition

Finalized. Japan‐Indonesia (2006), Japan‐Thailand (2007), Japan‐Brunei (2006). Under
Finalized means the applicable Clinical Study has been fully enrolled with the last enrolled patient receiving the last dose of Product pursuant to the study protocol and the draft clinical study report including listings and tables are available.
Finalized means as to any line item in the Budget a cost for which (i) a construction contract providing for a guaranteed maximum price or a lump sum fixed price for the work to which the cost is attributed has been approved by the Administrative Agent and executed by the General Contractor and is in full force and effect; (ii) the plans and specifications for the work have been issued by the Architect and approved by the Administrative Agent and Lenders' Inspecting Architect; (iii) the cost attributed to such work has been reviewed and certified by the Architect and approved by the Administrative Agent and Lenders' Inspecting Architect; and (iv) all permits requisite to the lawful performance of such work have been issued by the appropriate Governmental Authority.

Examples of Finalized in a sentence

  • Finalized support videos for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and COVID-19 warriors in commemoration of the International IDS Candlelight Memorial (IACM).

  • Where the parties are unable to resolve a difference arising from the interpretation or application of the 2018 Teacher Collective Bargaining Finalized Central and Local Matters Table Placement, TEBA or the Association may refer the difference to the following expedited arbitration process.

  • Finalized Directive Requests on investor protection are estimated to have taken effect in the third quarter of 2004.

  • Finalized loans will be considered as credit until disbursement of the funds occurs.

  • Finalized plans shall be approved by the Director of Schools/designee.

  • CLCHD Emergency Operations Center received 46 calls and 4 texts messages, resolved 1 endorsement, facilitated 9 hospital transfers and reported 3 DAMA/HAMAg. Finalized support videos for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and COVID-19 warriors in commemoration of the International IDS Candlelight Memorial (IACM).h.

  • The MTR team will first conduct a document review of project documents (i.e. PIF, UNDP Initiation Plan, Project Document, ESSP, Project Inception Report, PIRs, Finalized GEF focal area Tracking Tools, Project Appraisal Committee meeting minutes, Financial and Administration guidelines used by Project Team, project operational guidelines, manuals and systems, etc.) provided by the Project Team and Commissioning Unit.

  • Lee Hudson, “Navy SSBN(X) Acquisition Strategy Will Not Be Finalized Until Fall 2016,” Inside the Navy, September 8, 2014.

  • The Bidder and the company who owns the patent of the technology being offered shall guarantee that it shall complete the Commissioning of project within the time periods specified in the Implementation Schedule and/or Agreed and Finalized Project Plan or within such extended time to which the Bidder shall be entitled to.

  • Finalized roadway and driveway approach and encroachment permits from the RCRBD and MDOT, as appropriate.

More Definitions of Finalized

Finalized means sites for which a cleanup end date (month and year) was available and was no later than December 31, 2017.

Related to Finalized

  • Finalist means an Offeror who meets all the mandatory specifications of this Request for Proposals and whose score on evaluation factors is sufficiently high to merit further consideration by the Evaluation Committee.

  • Implementation Schedule means the Implementation Schedule in Section VII of the tendering documents.

  • Reviewed Year has the meaning ascribed to said phrase under Section 6225(d)(1) of the Code.

  • Timeline means the list of critical dates and actions included in the Introductory Materials.

  • Timetable means the timetable which reflects the working timetable issued by Network Rail at the conclusion of its timetable development process, containing the departure and arrival times of: (a) all Passenger Services which call at Stations and/or Franchisee Access Stations; and (b) principal Connections at those stations and other stations;

  • Project Implementation Unit means the unit referred to in paragraph 1 of Section I.A of Schedule 2 to this Agreement.

  • Completion Schedule means the fulfilment of the Related Services by the Supplier in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Contract;

  • service delivery and budget implementation plan means a detailed plan approved by the executive mayor of a municipality in terms of section 53(l)(c)(ii) of the MFMA for implementing the municipality's delivery of municipal services and its annual budget, and which must indicate

  • Research Budget has the meaning set forth in Section 3.2.

  • Project Implementation means all steps which the Grantee undertakes in order to deliver the Project which is being supported by funding provided under this Grant Contract. Any reference to UK primary legislation (Acts) or secondary legislation (Statutory Instruments) in this Grant Contract includes reference to any changes to or replacement of those Acts or Statutory Instruments.

  • Allocation Statement has the meaning set forth in Section 2.5.

  • Final Plans with respect to any particular work or improvement means Plans which (i) have received final approval from all governmental authorities required to approve such Plans prior to completion of the work or improvements and (ii) contain sufficient specificity to permit the completion of the work or improvement.

  • Initial Budget has the meaning set forth in Section 7.06(a).

  • Change Order means a written modification of the Contract between Owner and Contractor, signed by Owner, Contractor and A/E.

  • Change Orders mean changes or modifications to any Construction Contract or any other contract with labor or material suppliers.

  • Annual Work Plan and Budget means the work plan and budget approved by the Bank and adopted by the Borrower in accordance with the provisions of Section I.C of Schedule 2 of this Agreement, as said work plan and budget may be modified from time to time with the written agreement of the Bank.

  • Project Implementation Plan means the detail plan submitted by the Developer with regard to development of Project Facilities and its operation and management thereof in accordance with this Agreement and to be appended as Schedule 9 to this Agreement.

  • Project Implementation Manual or “PIM” means the manual setting out the measures required for the implementation of the Project, as the same may be amended from time to time, subject to prior approval of the Association;

  • Distribution Date Statement As defined in Section 4.02(a).

  • Application Review Start Date means the later date of either the date on which the District issues its written notice that the Applicant has submitted a completed Application or the date on which the Comptroller issues its written notice that the Applicant has submitted a completed Application and as further identified in Section 2.3.A of this Agreement.

  • Construction Schedule means a construction schedule indicating the planned start and completion dates of the major activities of the Work as set out in Appendix [ ], a future Appendix;

  • Test Plan means a plan for the Testing of the Deliverables; and setting out other agreed criteria related to the achievement of Milestones, as described further in paragraph 4 of Call of Schedule 5 (Testing);

  • Development Budget shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.3.

  • Construction Budget means the fully-budgeted costs for the acquisition and construction of a given parcel of real property (including, without limitation, the cost of acquiring such parcel of real property, reserves for construction interest and operating deficits, tenant improvements, leasing commissions, and infrastructure costs) as reasonably determined by the Parent in good faith.

  • Initial Development Plan has the meaning set forth in Section 4.1.1.

  • Development Plans means a coherent set of operations defined and financed exclusively by the OCTs in the framework of their own policies and strategies of development, and those agreed upon between an OCT and the Member State to which it is linked;