ESIS definition

ESIS means ESIS, Inc., an Affiliate of the Company.
ESIS means Energy Settlement and Information Systems Limited (registered number 2444282) whose registered office is at Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxx, Nottingham NG11 9LN;
ESIS means the European standardised information sheet, produced by (i) the Lender or (ii) Mortgage Brain in accordance with the MCOB for use by you and to supply to a mortgage applicant.

Examples of ESIS in a sentence

  • Supplier may alternately submit the FAI report through the ESIS portal, if applicable.

  • ESIS reserve the right to provide alternative space for the purpose, if so necessary, during the tenure of the contract.

  • The content and layout of the ESIS should incorporate the necessary improvements identified during consumer testing in all Member States.

  • This rate enquiry is for the purpose of executing Rate Contract for supply of Drugs in ESI Hospitals/Dispensaries and other medical institutions run by the ESI Corporation and ESIS.

  • Agency should carry out the work as per specification; make list, as well as direction of concerned Engineers of ESIC or ESIS.

  • The participating pharmaceutical firm / bidder shall furnish an undertaking with respect to timely and efficient supply of the quoted drugs as per the tender in all the locations where ESIC / ESIS Hospital and State ESI Directorates are located.

  • Replacement of the qty of NSQ item to ESIC/ ESIS User Units by RC holder.

  • If required, the bidder may contact the concerned person of ESIC or ESIS.

  • However, such further specifications should not be contrary to the instructions contained in this Directive nor imply any change in the text of the ESIS model, which should be reproduced as such by the creditor.

  • Member States may provide for the obligatory provision of the ESIS before the provision of an offer binding on the creditor.

More Definitions of ESIS

ESIS means and include, the …………….. (Name of the State) EmployeesState Insurance Society;
ESIS means Energy Settlement and Information Systems Limited (registered number 2444282) whose registered office is at Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxx, Nottingham NG11 9LN; Event of Default" means any event declared as such pursuant to Clause 66.1.1 or 66.2.1, as the case may be; Executive Committees means the committee established pursuant to Clause 14; Export" means, in respect of any Party, a flow of electricity from the Plant or Apparatus of such Party to the Plant or Apparatus of another Party and, in relation to any Party which is an External Pool Member, the External Interconnection in respect of which that Party has the right to deliver or take electricity to or from the NGC Transmission System shall be treated as the Plant or Apparatus of such Party and the verb Export" and its respective tenses shall be construed accordingly;

Related to ESIS

  • GMS means the automated system, or its successor system, employed by SCE real time operations to remotely monitor and dispatch the Generating Facility.

  • ATS means an alternative trading system, as defined in Rule 300(a)(1) of Regulation ATS under the Exchange Act.

  • SDS means safety data sheet, which is a written communication regarding a hazardous chemical that meets the standards at 29 CFR 1910.1200(g).

  • ESI means any and all computer data or electronic recorded media of any kind, including “Native Files”, that are stored in any medium from which it can be retrieved and examined, either directly or after translation into a reasonably useable form. ESI may include information and/or documentation stored in various software programs such as: Email, Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Publisher, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, SQL databases, or any other software or electronic communication programs or databases that the CONSULTANT may use in the performance of its operations. ESI may be located on network servers, backup tapes, smart phones, thumb drives, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, work computers, cell phones, laptops or any other electronic device that CONSULTANT uses in the performance of its Work or SERVICES hereunder, including any personal devices used by the CONSULTANT or any sub-consultant at home. “Native files” are a subset of ESI and refer to the electronic format of the application in which such ESI is normally created, viewed, and /or modified. The CONSULTANT shall include this section XX “Records Maintenance” in every subcontract it enters into in relation to this AGREEMENT and bind the sub-consultant to its terms, unless expressly agreed to otherwise in writing by the AGENCY prior to the execution of such subcontract. In witness whereof, the parties hereto have executed this AGREEMENT as of the day and year shown in the “Execution Date” box on page one (1) of this AGREEMENT. Signature Date Signature Date Any modification, change, or reformation of this AGREEMENT shall require approval as to form by the Office of the Attorney General. Project No. Exhibit B DBE Participation Exhibit C Preparation and Delivery of Electronic Engineering and Other Data‌ In this Exhibit the agency, as applicable, is to provide a description of the format and standards the consultant is to use in preparing electronic files for transmission to the agency. The format and standards to be provided may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • PBS (non) means a Pharmaceutical that is registered for use in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) but has is not on the Pharmeceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS).

  • ITC (this Section2 of the RFP) means the Instructions to Consultants that provides the Consultants with all information needed to prepare their Proposals.

  • HCBS means "Home and Community-Based Services." HCBS are services provided in the home or community of an individual. DHS, Office of Licensing and Regulatory Oversight and OHA provide oversight and license, certify, and endorse programs, settings, or settings designated as HCB.

  • Parents means parents or guardians;

  • SFIs means Standing Financial Instructions.

  • CMS means the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

  • Brachytherapy source means a radioactive source or a manufacturer-assembled source train or a combination of these sources that is designed to deliver a therapeutic dose within a distance of a few centimeters.

  • CHS means CHS/Community Health Systems, Inc., a Delaware corporation.

  • Clinic means a health facility providing health care services to individuals associated with a college or university.

  • Noble means Noble Energy, Inc., a Delaware corporation.

  • dwarfism means a medical or genetic condition resulting in an adult height of 4 feet 10 inches (147 centimeters) or less;

  • AllianceBernstein means AllianceBernstein L.P., its subsidiaries and its joint venture entities.

  • University and/or Southeast means Southeast Missouri State University.

  • CTI means Castle Transmission International Limited.

  • External beam radiation therapy means therapeutic irradiation in which the source of radiation is at a distance from the body.

  • SCS means the Soil Conservation Service.

  • HMIS means the Homeless Management Information System, which is a client-level data collection and management system implemented at the community level that allows for better coordination among agencies providing services to clients.

  • SEI means Sunnova Energy International Inc., a Delaware corporation.

  • In loco parentis means relating to the responsibility to undertake the care and control of another person in the absence of:

  • EDS means Electronic Data Systems Corporation, a Delaware corporation, all its direct and indirect subsidiaries, all its affiliated entities, and all its successors and assigns, and the employees, agents, attorneys, officers and directors of each of them.

  • DSS means the Department of Social Services.

  • ONYX means Onyx Acceptance Corporation, and its successors.