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  • The OCS facility does not operate under a valid CHS Facility Permit issued by the Department under COMAR 26.13.07.

  • Accommodations will be at Microtel Inn & Suites, funding is by CHS Track & Field.

  • Board approval was requested for the CHS Track and Field team to participate in the Don Christopher Garlic Classic Track Invitational at Christopher High School in Gilroy onMarch 27-28, 2020.

  • CHS is middle of the amazing “Breaking Down the Walls” program with students and Drama will be hosting their spring musical “Oklahoma” later this month.

  • Contains its own terminatordfr genomic clone5.0Encodes a key enzyme from the anthocyanin biosynthesis pathway, dihydroflavonol-4- reductase hydroxylase, from Petunia x hybrida,and containing its own promoter and terminatorCHS promoter1.2Petal specific promoter of chalcone synthase (CHS) gene from Antirrhinum majusf3’5’h1.8Encodes the key enzyme of the anthocyaninbiosynthesis pathway, flavonoid 3‟5‟- hydroxylase, from ViolaD8 terminator0.8Terminator from Petunia x hybridaRB1.8Right T-DNA border from R.

More Definitions of CHS

CHS means the Canadian Hydrographic Service.
CHS means Code Hennessy & Simmons IV LP, a Delaware limited partnership and any Affiliate thereof.
CHS has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
CHS means a Case Handling System;
CHS means the Health Care Agency’s Correctional Health Services program.