SEI definition

SEI means Sunnova Energy International Inc., a Delaware corporation.
SEI or "Escrow Agent").
SEI means Southern Energy, Inc., its successors and assigns.

Examples of SEI in a sentence

  • Tensioning force table for types SE / SE-G / SE-R / SE-F / SE-I by using hole- position “normal” for sprocket-, rider- and roller fixation.

  • The NDP results were able to conclude that LiFePO4 cell anodes have a factor of 21 times slower rate of SEI growth than anodes from LiFePSO4.

  • Size SEPre-tension  10°Pre-tension  20°Pre-tension  30°F [N]Tightening moment MA for attachment screw SE-I 40: same tensioning force like SE 38.SE-W: 40 % lower tensioning force than standard versions (Rubmix 40 inserts).SE-FE: see page 4.7When fixing the sprockets, riders and rollers in arm-position “hard”, tensioning force will increase on about 25 %.

  • An Insolvency Event shall have occurred with respect to SEI, Parent, the Seller or the Borrower.

  • Due to this necessity of the SEI presence on the anode, it is ofgreat interest to understand how it behaves under higher temperatures such as those it may experience when used for a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV).

More Definitions of SEI

SEI means SEI/Aaron’s, Inc., a Georgia corporation.
SEI means Sunnova Energy International Inc., a Delaware corporation and sole stockholder of Sunnova Energy.
SEI has the meaning given such term in the preamble hereto.
SEI is defined in the recitals to this Agreement.
SEI means the environmental information supplementary to the Environmental Statement submitted on 20 October 2005, 27 February 2006 and 11 October 2007;
SEI means SEI Investments Distribution Co.
SEI means Stroud Energy, Inc., a Delaware corporation, or any successor thereto.