Equipment Fee definition

Equipment Fee means rental fee, service fee or swap out fee payable by you to us to hire the Equipment from us (as applicable) as set out in the Application Form or as notified by us and any delivery and freight charges as reasonably determined by us.
Equipment Fee means PVI's direct cost for the Equipment (as reasonably determined by PVI) from time to time.

Examples of Equipment Fee in a sentence

  • The Non-Returned Equipment Fee will be charged to the credit card We have on file for You, or may be included on Your monthly bill, in Our sole discretion.

  • Where the Supplied Equipment is to be purchased by the Customer, title in the Supplied Equipment will only pass to the Customer upon full payment in cleared funds of the Equipment Fee.

  • LESSOR shall notify LESSEE in writing of any change to the Equipment Fee at least thirty (30) days prior to remittance of same due.

  • Unrecovered Equipment Fee: If the original insured product is not returned to us within ten (10) calendar days from the date we ship the replacement product to you, we will charge you a non-refundable Unrecovered Equipment Fee.

  • This Equipment Fee is established and amended from time to time by LESSOR.

More Definitions of Equipment Fee

Equipment Fee means, with respect to each Facility, amounts due in connection with achievement of the Deposit Milestone or Delivery Milestone for such Facility.
Equipment Fee has the meaning given to such term in Section 2.15(e).
Equipment Fee means rental fee, service fee, purchase price or swap out fee payable by you to us:
Equipment Fee means the purchase price of any items of equipment payable, in a lump sum or in instalments, by the customer to Nuwcom Wireless;
Equipment Fee means the fee payable by the Principal to the Contractor for the hire of the Equipment in accordance with this Agreement and priced in accordance with the applicable Item Rates for the Items comprising the Equipment, and the length of the Hire Period and any applicable Transport Charges.
Equipment Fee means the fees charged by VitalCall for the purchase of the Equipment and the Equipment accessories (if applicable). Fees mean the Installation Fee (if applicable), the Equipment Fee, the Monitoring Fees and/or any other fee payable under this Agreement.