Installation Fee definition

Installation Fee means charges payable by the Customer for the installation of the service as provided in the Order Form;
Installation Fee means the fee for installing access to our Services at your Home, as set out in ourGuide to Charges and Fees for Residential Customers and in Clause 9.2 of these Terms.
Installation Fee means and refer to the Installation Fee set forth in Item 9 of the Basic Lease Information, subject to the terms of Section 3.2 of the Standard Lease Provisions.

Examples of Installation Fee in a sentence

  • If you want the socket in a particular place in one or more rooms at your Home, or you want to move or rewire an existing socket, you’ll need to pay the Installation Fee (as described in our Guide to Charges and Fees for Residential Customers).

  • Klier Associate Dean, Academic Affair Effective Date: License Type: Perpetual Site License License Fees: TracDat SharePoint Option: $24,000.00 – includes TracDat SharePoint Option Core Service Installation Fee: $ 750.00 Total First Year Licenses and Fees TracDat SharePoint Option: $24,750.00 On-Going Annual Maintenance Fee: $5,280.00 Special Terms: Professional Services will be delivered via teleconference and phone consultation as determined with college/university personnel.

  • In addition, you may have to pay an Activation Charge and/or an Installation Fee (although you may be able to use your existing Equipment) and you may not be able to keep your existing phone number.

  • This bill will include a Package Charge for your first month of Services, as well as any applicable Activation Charge and/or Installation Fee.

More Definitions of Installation Fee

Installation Fee means the fee payable for installing the FTTH line and which fee will differentiate between the specific FNOs;
Installation Fee means the fee for the Installation Service;
Installation Fee means the gross revenues collected directly or indirectly from a Data Subscriber by HSAC, Operator, or any authorized third-party reseller or installer for the installation and connection of a Home Equipment Package for such Data Subscriber to receive HSAC Services but does not include (i) applicable sales or use taxes, (ii) federal, state or local franchise fees.
Installation Fee means the fee you may be charged for installation of the service or failure to allow an engineer to install the service by you e.g. not being home when he calls, refusing him access etc.
Installation Fee means the fee received by Cerner from the Sublicensee for installation services under a Sublicense.