Engineer of Record definition

Engineer of Record means an education department-licensed profes-
Engineer of Record means a qualified engineer who is the lead designer for a tailings storage

Examples of Engineer of Record in a sentence

  • The Specifications Package(s) shall be prepared, signed and sealed by the Design-Build Firms Engineer of Record who has successfully completed the mandatory Specifications Package Preparations Training.

  • This action is based on the office review of the plans, supporting documentation, and certifications of the Engineer of Record.

  • To facilitate the design process, DSA grants deferred approval to the design and detailing of certain elements of the Project at the request of the Architect or Engineer of Record.

  • All “Approved” and “Approved as Noted” Shop Drawings submitted to the Department for review shall also include Engineer of Record QA/QC Shop Drawing check prints along with the EOR stamped set(s).

  • The Engineer of Record who prepares the foundation design recommendation reports shall be a Professional Engineer registered in the State of North Carolina who has completed a minimum of three geotechnical design projects of scope and complexity similar to that anticipated for this project using the load and resistance factor design (LRFD) method and in accordance with the latest edition of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification.

More Definitions of Engineer of Record

Engineer of Record means the Engineer who has prepared the plans and specifications. By this designation, the Engineer shall be licensed by the State of California unless the Engineer works for the District.
Engineer of Record means a professional engineer who seals drawings, reports, or documents for a project. The seal shall acknowledge that the professional engineer prepared, coordinated, or had subordinates prepare under the direct supervision of the professional engineer, drawings, reports, or documents for a project. The engineer of record shall not be responsible for engineering work performed and sealed by other professional engineers, including independent consulting engineers who work under the coordination of the engineer of record.
Engineer of Record means a licensed engineer who has overall responsibility for the grading portion of the application, and whose stamp is on the application materials.
Engineer of Record means the professional engineer(s) certified under Florida Statutes §