Engineer of Record definition

Engineer of Record means an education department-licensed profes-
Engineer of Record means a qualified engineer who is the lead designer for a tailings storage

Examples of Engineer of Record in a sentence

The INSPECTOR shall act under the direction of the Architect of Record and Engineer of Record.

The Contractor’s Engineer of Record may also serve as the Specialty Engineer.The Contractor’s Engineer of Record must be an employee of a pre-qualified firm.

The Engineer of Record (EOR) is responsible for establishing project design controls and standards to be used in the development of the construction plans.

While the responsibility for filing FAA notifications and local government permitting applications for Airspace Obstruction Permits, if applicable, rests with the Engineer of Record, the FDOT Aviation and Spaceports Office provides technical assistance on proposed projects to determine impact to the national airspace system in Florida.

Professionals preparing shop drawings should cooperate in working with other professionals engaged on a project, including providing the Engineer of Record with all the information they require for design, coordination, or review in a timely manner.

More Definitions of Engineer of Record

Engineer of Record or “EOR” shall mean the licensed professional engineer in the State of New York employed by the Lessee with respect to the D&C Work.
Engineer of Record means a licensed engineer who has overall responsibility for the grading portion of the application, and whose stamp is on the application materials.
Engineer of Record means the Professional Engineer, registered and licensed in the State of Florida that prepared the engineering drawings and documents presented to the District for approval or the Professional Engineer, registered in the State of Florida that has accepted responsibility for the design of the engineering drawings.‌
Engineer of Record means a professional engineer who seals drawings, reports, or documents for a project. The seal shall acknowledge that the professional engineer prepared, coordinated, or had subordinates prepare under the direct supervision of the professional engineer, drawings, reports, or documents for a project. The engineer of record shall not be responsible for engineering work performed and sealed by other professional engineers, including independent consulting engineers who work under the coordination of the engineer of record.
Engineer of Record means the Engineer whose stamp will appear on Project documents. “Engineer” shall mean the Engineer of Record whether it is the Mechanical Contractor, a separate engineering firm, or other firm.
Engineer of Record means the professional member or licensee responsible for the overall practice of professional engineering for a project which may include the efforts of other professional members or licensees or just the effort of this member or licensee.