Normal Use definition

Normal Use means use by the end user, excluding maintenance, servicing or repair work (Article 4(3) CDR). ‘Normal use’ is the use made in accordance with the purpose for which the complex product is intended.
Normal Use means water used for essential purposes including household sanitation, human consumption and food preparation and water essential for the needs of commerce and industries, other than that required for fire fighting purposes.
Normal Use means use of Goods in manner directed by the Company and maintained as directed by the Company. While the Company’s products are manufactured for use in mental healthcare settings, Normal Use does not include malicious or deliberate damage to Goods caused by the use of a weapon or other instrument or where a sustained physical attack on the Goods occurs because of negligence of staff.

Examples of Normal Use in a sentence

  • Normal Use shall mean the use of the Product(s) for the purpose for which it was intended, including compliance with the instructions for use which accompany the Products and bearing in mind any instructions or guidelines for use given in writing by PLIXXENT before or during the delivery of the Products, as determined at the discretion of PLIXXENT.

More Definitions of Normal Use

Normal Use means ordinary consumer use under normal home conditions and used in accordance with the instruction manual included with the Product. It does not include use of the Product with a voltage converter, negligent use or misuse.
Normal Use means use by the end user, excluding maintenance, servicing or repair.
Normal Use for the purpose of this Agreement shall mean to, in full or in parts, download, save, transfer, convert, execute and/or reproduce the programs in machine-readable form for the purposes of executing program instructions to process the End User's data within the scope set out in the XXXX Annex, including temporary copies required for those activities and the use of the related documentation. Normal Use shall include the End User's right to produce archival and backup copies. The use of such copies may not lead to an increase of the scope of the right of use. Archival and backup copies shall be identified and marked as such. Furthermore, the End User shall be entitled to temporarily use the Licensed Materials on a backup system in the event of a breakdown of the designated IT system and to test such potential use.
Normal Use means (i) the use of Warranted Part(s) in the manner intended for a rider and passenger on the Vehicle with proper safety equipment as described in the User Manual, in accordance with local regulations; (ii) charging the Battery using only Ather supplied chargers; (iii) correctly following the storage protocols and usage protocols as defined in the User Manual; and (iv) undertaking routine care and maintenance of the Warranted Part(s) as described in the User Manual, including but not limited to the Maintenance Matrix included in the User Manual.
Normal Use in subparagraph 3 (a) shall mean use by the end user, excluding maintenance, servicing or repair work.
Normal Use means that the Equipment is used within its stated specifications as specified in the operating manuals or instructions for use.