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Themethods are validated with three cases: plunging wave breaking, sub-critical free surface flows caused by a submerged bump, and free surface turbulent flow both in air and water region around a ship model DTMB 5512.

Duty 3 General Summary of Duty 3 % of Time 10 Production support of new and existing web-enabled or client/server data system applications following industry and DTMB development standards.

Adhere to the standards set forth by the IT industry, the Department of Technology Management and Budget (DTMB), and the Client.

Represent DTMB ITAM on internal/external security policy and standards review teams with guidance and review from the Solution Architect (SA).

Resistance for DTMB 5512 The free surface elevation compared with experimental data for Fr = 0.28 is shown in Figure 17.

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DTMB means the department of technology, management, and
DTMB shall refer to the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget’s Design and Construction Division and Real Estate Division, which acts as agent on behalf of the Lessee/Tenant Agency. Lessor/Lessee: The terms Lessor and Lessee are used in a generic fashion in this document. The Lessor may also represent the Contractor or Construction Management firm that is providing a building facility to the State of Michigan. The term Lessee is used as the generic term for the State of Michigan as the end user and/or Owner. Design Professional is the generic title used in this document to describe the Professional Architect or Engineer that is designing the facility being provided. The term “productincludes materials, systems and equipment.
DTMB means Michigan Department Technology, Management & Budget. The DTMB is an executive department with responsibility and oversight of the business operations of state agencies through a variety of services, including centralized contracting and procurement, information technology, and budget and financial management, among others.