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  • CalWORKs or CW California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids welfare- to-work program for families receiving Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) cash aid.CARBON Contracts Administration, Reporting and Billing Online database CES Coordinated Entry System, a local or regional system forhomeless families to be assessed, triaged and referred to housing and homeless services.

  • When applicable, verify CW WtW program participants’ discontinuance letter in counties outside of San Francisco to determine if they are eligible for additional 12 months under San Francisco’s WtW retention rules.J. Provide language capacity for service mirroring the needs of the CalWORKs population.

  • Samples and standards are heated with a focused laser beam at 8 % power using a 50W CW CO2 laser.

  • Verify program participants’ ongoing CalWORKs eligibility monthly and notify CW SW if discontinued.

  • Determine if program participant will continue receiving retention services under CW WtW and for how long.

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CW means Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. or its subsidiary that issued the Report. "Appraiser(s)" means the employee(s) of C&W who prepared and signed the Report. The Report has been made subject to the following assumptions and limiting conditions:
CW means Xxxxxxx & Xxxxxxxxx, Inc. or its subsidiary which issued the Appraisal.
CW shall have the meaning assigned thereto in the Recitals. --