EPFO definition

EPFO means Employees' Provident Fund Organization
EPFO means Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation;
EPFO means Employees' Provident Fund Organization vii."GST” means Goods and Services Tax

Examples of EPFO in a sentence

  • Submission, by the contractor, of Labour License and Registration with EPFO, ESIC and BOCW Welfare Board, whatever applicable.

  • Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has launched online receipt of Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR).

  • Copy of PF-ECR duly stamped by the designated Bank, alongwith a print of the digitally signed PDF data sheet of the ECR, as proof of payment, each month, details of this PDF data sheet shall be verified by the appropriate authority (i.e. Payment Making Authority) in the COMPANY from the official website of EPFO ( http://www.epfindia.gov.in).

  • The details of employee shall include Name, Adhaar No., Saving Bank A/C no., EPFO No., Group Insurance no., PAN Card no., Mobile no.In addition to above, license will also be required to submit copies of printed salary slips paid to the employees along with the bank details indicating the deductions and net salary payable,as per advice of IRCTC.

  • The bidder should be mandatorily be registered online with Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) in the on-line system and posses EPF code and all current documents.

  • The tenderer should be registered with EPFO having separate code no.

  • The contractor whose bid is accepted will also be required to furnish either copy of applicable licenses / registrations or proof of applying for obtaining labour licenses, registration with EPFO, ESIC and BOCW Welfare Board including Provident Fund Code No. if applicable and also ensure the compliance of aforesaid provisions by the sub-contractors, if any, engaged by the contractor for the said work and Programme Chart (Time and Progress) within the period specified in Schedule F.

  • Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has launched online receipt of Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR).

  • Bidder’s profile shall invariably contain (i) EPF registration number and ESI registration number or (ii) Particulars of Acknowledgement of having applied for registration with EPFO and ESIC establishing bidder’s eligibility and qualification.

  • The bidder should be registered with Employees Provident Fund Organization and Employees State Insurance Corporation and furnish the certificates of Registration with EPFO and ESIC or Acknowledgement of having applied for registration with EPFO and ESIC establishing bidder’s eligibility and qualification.

More Definitions of EPFO

EPFO means Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (vii)“VAT” means Value Added Tax
EPFO meansEmployees’ProvidentFundOrganization
EPFO means Employees’ Provident Fund ganization
EPFO means the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation;

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  • AIMA means the Alternative Investment Management Association.

  • IPPF means the indigenous peoples planning framework for the Investment Program, including any update thereto, agreed between the Borrower and ADB and incorporated by reference in the FFA;

  • CJI means criminal justice information collected by criminal justice agencies needed for the performance of their authorized functions, including, without limitation, all information defined as criminal justice information by the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy, as amended and all Criminal Justice Records as defined under §24-72-302, C.R.S.

  • Tabarru’ means donation for the purpose of solidarity and cooperation among the Takaful Participants and to be used to help all Takaful Participants in times of misfortune. In the context of the Company, Tabarru’ will be allocated into the Participants’ Risk Fund.

  • ESMP means an environmental and social management plan (including any pest management plan), acceptable to the Association and consistent with the ESMF, adopted for the purposes of a Micro-project, and giving details of the magnitude of the environmental impacts, as well as the specific actions, measures and policies designed to facilitate the achievement of the objective of the ESMF under the Micro-project, including the budget and cost estimates, and sources of funding, along with the institutional and procedural measures needed to implement such actions, measures and policies, as such ESMP may be amended form time to time with the prior written agreement of the Association.

  • TMDL means the total maximum daily load limitation of a parameter, representing the estimated assimilative capacity for a water body before other designated uses are adversely affected. Mathematically, it is the sum of wasteload allocations for point sources, load allocations for non-point and natural background sources, and a margin of safety.

  • DTS means Days to Settlement, i.e., the number of actual days elapsed from and including the original Closing Day with respect to such Accepted Note (in the case of the first such payment with respect to such Accepted Note) or from and including the date of the next preceding payment (in the case of any subsequent delayed delivery fee payment with respect to such Accepted Note) to but excluding the date of such payment; and "PA" means Principal Amount, i.e., the principal amount of the Accepted Note for which such calculation is being made. In no case shall the Delayed Delivery Fee be less than zero. Nothing contained herein shall obligate any Purchaser to purchase any Accepted Note on any day other than the Closing Day for such Accepted Note, as the same may be rescheduled from time to time in compliance with paragraph 2B(7).

  • Diocese means the Church of England diocese in which the Academies are situated;

  • LHSIA means the Local Health System Integration Act, 2006, and the regulations made under it, as it and they may be amended from time to time;

  • STAR means Star Cruises Limited of Canon’s Court, 00 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx XX 00, Bermuda;

  • GLO means the Texas General Land Office, its officers, employees, and designees.

  • AASHTO means the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

  • Alpha means Alpha Natural Resources, Inc., a Delaware corporation.

  • CJA means the Criminal Justice Act 1993;

  • Taka means the currency of the Borrower;

  • We/Us/Our means TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited.

  • SHCP means Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público, the Borrower’s Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

  • IDG means interdepartmental grant.

  • BG means Bank Guarantee

  • SADC means the Southern African Development Community;

  • Production company means a person or entity engaged in the business of making motion picture, television, or radio images for theatrical, commercial, advertising, or education purposes; Reserved

  • Blackwater means wastewater contaminated by human body waste, toilet paper and any other material intended to be deposited in a receptor designed to receive urine or feces.

  • EPG means electronic program guide maintained by a DPO on its Digital Distribution Platform which lists the television channels and programs, and scheduling and programming information therein and includes any enhanced electronic guide that allows Subscribers to navigate and select such available channels and programs.