Customer Service Standards definition

Customer Service Standards. The standards for customer service as set forth in Exhibit B.
Customer Service Standards means the level of type of service customarily received by the customers of the Systems, as set forth on Appendix F.
Customer Service Standards means the standards developed under section 20;

Examples of Customer Service Standards in a sentence

  • The Security Fund shall serve as security for the payment of any penalties, fees, charges or credits as provided for herein and for the performance by a Cable Operator of all its obligations under these Customer Service Standards.

  • Grantee shall comply with Customer Service Standards of the Grantor, as the same may be amended from time to time by the City Council in its sole discretion, acting by ordinance.

  • For purposes of this subsection, any assessment, charge, cost, fee or sum, however characterized, that the Grantee imposes upon a Subscriber solely for late payment of a bill is a late fee and shall be applied in accordance with the Grantor’s Customer Service Standards, as the same may be amended from time to time by the City Council acting by ordinance or resolution, or as the same may be superseded by Applicable Law.

  • Defendants agree to remove the entire Customer Service Standards section (including 45 hour agency standard) from the Agency Operations Manual.

  • Any requirement in Customer Service Standards for a “local” telephone number may be met by the provision of a toll-free number.

More Definitions of Customer Service Standards

Customer Service Standards means the customer service performance standards to which XXX.XXX shall adhere in operating the Canadian E-Commerce Service hereunder, as set out in detail in Schedule "C" to this Agreement;
Customer Service Standards means the service levels to which the Services are to be supplied by the Contractor as set out in Schedule 2] and which shall include the Specification Customer Service Standards and the Tender Customer Service Standards.
Customer Service Standards means those standards governing customer service which are prescribed by the FCC and may be enforced by the franchising authority.
Customer Service Standards has the meaning set forth in Section 4.1.
Customer Service Standards means the Customer Service Standards adopted by the Town pursuant to Section 6.1.
Customer Service Standards means FCC, National Cable Television Association, or successor organization, and standards adopted by the County, which govern the manner in which the Grantee interacts with the public and its customers.
Customer Service Standards means the agreed upon service standards set forth in Exhibit A of this Agreement applicable to the sale, service and administration of the Vanliner Products by the Vanliner Companies to the Van Lines Agents.