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Court Appearances. If officers are required by the Department to attend Court or a hearing during their off duty hours they shall be paid a three (3) hour minimum at their time and one half rate, but shall pay to the Department any and all witness fees paid to them for attending the Court or the hearing. This will include Local, County, State, and Federal Courts. Any officer who becomes eligible for this pay will fill out an overtime slip showing the time the officer arrived in Court and the time the officer left along with the name of the Defendant in the case. (Effective July 1, 1995) [Only those employees who are on the payroll on the date the City Council gives final approval to a successor agreement shall be entitled to retroactive payment under this section.] Payment for court appearances shall not be compounded, pyramided, overlapped with or added to compensation for any other purpose except outside work details. (Amended January, 1997, July 19, 2004)
Court Appearances. As the parent, you agree that the therapist’s role is limited to providing treatment and that you will not involve your child’s therapist in any legal dispute, especially a dispute concerning custody or custody arrangements (visitation, etc.). If you have any concerns, questions or objections to the above, please discuss them with your therapist. I have read the PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT and consent to receive psychotherapy services under the terms outlined. Client Signature Date (If Client is 14 or older) Client Signature (or Responsible Party) Date (If Client is under 18) Witness Signature Date
Court Appearances. If you become involved in legal proceedings that require Xx. Xxxxxx’x participation, you will be expected to pay for all professional time including preparation and transportation costs, even if called to testify by another party. Because of the difficulty of legal involvement, I charge $250.00 per hour (with a minimum engagement of three (3) hours) for preparation for and attendance at any legal proceeding. *I have read and agree to the above professional fees policies. Client/Guardian Initials and Date: Cancelled/Missed Appointments/Other Fees: No Show Charge: Full Fee Cancellation less than 24 hours in Advance: $85 Cancellation less than 48 hours in Advance: $50 Reschedule Fee: (rescheduled for different day or hour in same week): $12 Returned Check Fee: $35.00/each returned check Inclement Weather Cancellations: Unfortunately, Xx. Xxxxxx is unable to offer reimbursement or change cancellation policies even for inclement or unexpected weather events. If you suspect that inclement weather will affect the scheduled session, please cancel/reschedule as soon as possible. Client Discharge/Collection Fees: In the event of failure to pay for services and fees, you understand that you may be discharged from the services of Xx. Xxxxxx until such time as your account is fully paid. If your account has remained unpaid for more than 60 days and arrangements for payment have not been agreed upon, Xx. Xxxxxx has the option of using legal means to secure payment. This may involve submitting the account to a collection agency or filing a claim in small claims court, either of which will require that otherwise confidential information be disclosed for the purposes of collecting payment. You will be responsible for paying the entire amount of your balance due in addition to all collection fees, all agency and attorney fees and costs associated with the collection process (such as court costs). *I have read and agree to the above cancelled/missed appointments, and other fees, to include client discharge/collections fees and procedures. Client/Guardian Initials and Date: Overall Financial Agreement: I agree that this financial relationship with Xx. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx will continue as long as Xx. Xxxxxx provides services or until I inform her, in person or by certified mail, that I wish to end it. I agree to meet with Xx. Xxxxxx at least once before stopping therapy. I agree to pay for services provided to me (or this client) and fees up until the time I and Xx. Xxxxxx agree the...

Examples of Court Appearances in a sentence

  • When an employee is eligible for short-term illness and injury plan benefits, bereavement leave, or leave pursuant to Clause 20.04 (Leave for Court Appearances) or 20.08 (Civil Emergency) during their vacation period, there shall be no deduction from the vacation credits for such leaves.

  • Required Court Appearances or Probation Appointments: Such an absence must be verified by a proper court summons or by the individual’s probation officer.

  • Absence Related to Jury Duty, Mandatory Court Appearances or Military Duty Students who are required to attend jury duty, appear in court, or participate in required military duty, must notify the instructor in writing at least 3 days prior to the appearance.

  • Conradie Acting Judge of the Labour Court Appearances: Applicant: Advocate CS Bosch Instructed by: Fairbridges Wertheim Becker Attorneys First Respondent: S Khoza Instructed by: Ruach Attorneys 7 At para 24.

  • Court Appearances - Any teachers missing workdays as a result of being called for jury duty or subpoenaed to testify in any judicial or administrative matter, except if initiated by the Association or subpoenaed by the Board, shall be paid their full salary minus any compensation for duties thereof, excluding mileage.

  • Court Appearances When staff appears as expert witnesses in court trials, mediations, arbitration hearings and depositions, their time will be charged at 1.5 times the individual hourly rate stated in consultant's rate schedule.

  • Court Appearances Employees will be paid their regular wage to testify in court for City-related business.

  • Court Appearances: Bargaining unit members who are subpoenaed or directed into court on matters involving work related activities, during off-duty hours, shall be compensated at their regular rate of pay for a minimum of four (4) hours.

  • Court Appearances: Operator shall pay all costs associated with court appearances made by Employees arising out of services provided under this Agreement.

  • Court Appearances: Once (1) every four weeks in front of the Drug Court JudgeC.

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  • intervener ’ shall mean a person who files a petition to be made an in- tervener pursuant to paragraph (g) of this section and whose petition is ap- proved.

  • Court appointed special advocate means a volunteer guardian ad litem appointed by the court who is responsible for: researching the background of assigned child abuse, neglect and dependency cases; representing the child's best interests; speaking for the child in all hearings, reviews and other relevant case activities; monitoring the child during the life of the case; and advocating for a safe and permanent home for the child.

  • Appearance means the defendant's physical presence in the adult division of the superior court where the pending charge was filed. Such presence constitutes appearance only if (A) the prosecutor was notified of the presence and (B) the presence is contemporaneously noted on the record under the cause number of the pending charge.

  • Therapeutic court personnel means the staff of a mental

  • Surveyor-General means the Surveyor-General as defined in the Land Survey Act, 1997 (Act No. 8 of 1997);

  • Court Hearing means the hearing by the High Court of the Petition to sanction the Scheme under Section 453 of the Act.

  • Answer means a concise response outlining the employer's position on the grievance.

  • Petitioner means a person who seeks enforcement of an order for return of a child under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction or enforcement of a child custody determination.

  • Hearing means an oral hearing and includes a hearing conducted in whole or in part by video link, telephone or other means of instantaneous two-way electronic communication;

  • Registered Professional means a professional registered or licensed by and in the State of Florida and practicing under Chapter 471, 472, 481, or 492, F.S.

  • Collusion means the unauthorized collaboration with another person in preparing written work offered for credit.

  • Prostitution means procuring or providing any commercial sex act and the “practice of prostitution” has the same meaning.

  • Paraprofessional means a person who does not have an academic degree related to the scope of treatment or support services being provided but performs prescribed functions under the general supervision of that discipline.

  • Pleading means the notice as de- fined in § 2560.502c–7(g) of this chapter, the answer to the notice, any supple- ment or amendment thereto, and any reply that may be permitted to any an- swer, supplement or amendment;

  • Distressed area means a local governmental unit that meets all of the following:

  • Painting has the meaning set forth in Section 1.6(a).

  • Victims rights agency" means a public agency, or part thereof,

  • General anesthesia means a drug-induced loss of consciousness during which a patient is not arousable, even by painful stimulation, the ability to independently maintain ventilatory function is often impaired, a patient often requires assistance in maintaining a patent airway, positive pressure ventilation may be required because of depressed spontaneous ventilation or drug-induced depression of neuromuscular function, and cardiovascular function may be impaired.

  • Cosmetic Surgery means any Surgery, service, Drug or supply designed to improve the appearance of an individual by alteration of a physical characteristic which is within the broad range of normal but which may be considered unpleasing or unsightly, except when necessitated by an Injury.

  • Cosmetology means any one and/or combination of practices generally and usually performed by and known as the occupation of beauty culturalist, cosmeticians, cosmetologists or hairdressers or any person holding him or herself out as practicing cosmetology in or upon a place or premises. Cosmetology shall include, but otherwise not be limited to, the following: embellishing, arranging, dressing, curling, waving, cleansing, beautifying, cutting, singeing, bleaching, coloring, or similar work upon the hair of any person by any means and with hands or mechanical or electrical apparatuses, devices or appliances or by use of cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, tonics, lotions, creams or otherwise, massaging, cleansing, stimulating, manipulating, exercising, beautifying or similar work, the scalp, face, neck, arms, hands, bust or upper part of the body, or manicuring, pedicuring or sculpting the nails of any person.

  • Antipsychotic medications means that class of drugs

  • Screening means the evaluation process used to identify an individual's ability to perform activities of daily living and address health and safety concerns.

  • Abuse Investigation and Protective Services means reporting and investigation activities as required by OAR 407-045-0300 and any subsequent services or supports necessary to prevent further abuse as required by OAR 407-045-0310.

  • County indigent transcript means a transcript that is paid for from county funds and is for the use on behalf of a litigant who has been declared indigent by a court.

  • Urgent means the onset of symptoms requiring attention within 48 hours to prevent a serious deterioration in an individual's mental or physical health or threat to safety.

  • Motion means a formal proposition to be discussed and voted on during the course of a meeting.