Appearance definition

Appearance means the defendant's physical presence in the adult division of the superior court where the pending charge was filed. Such presence constitutes appearance only if (A) the prosecutor was notified of the presence and (B) the presence is contemporaneously noted on the record under the cause number of the pending charge.
Appearance means the aspects of a building or place within the development which determines the visual impression the building or place makes, including the external built form of the development, its architecture, materials, decoration, lighting, colour and texture.
Appearance means to appear in person at a sheriff ’s office.

Examples of Appearance in a sentence

  • OBITUARY BIOGRAPHY LINKS TOP.BIOGRAPHY.Addiss and Crofut:Side Performer Appearance 1., Addiss and Crofut: Columbia CS 9441 2.Addiss and Crofut / Such Interesting People, Verve V6-8519 Benjamin Luxon/Bil Crofut:Play It Again, Max.Here's another in my sporadic posts, and one I have mixed feelings about.

  • Concurrently with the submission of Reserved Matters in respect of Scale, Layout, or Appearance for each phase, a Solar Glare Assessment detailing the mitigation measures and a timetable for the provision for the relevant phase shall be submitted to the Local Planning Authority for approval.

  • Appearance: how motivating it is for the learners if the language teacher is well-groomed, well-dressed.

  • The notice was accompanied by a certificate that certified service to the Complainant “via email and/or First Class [sic] mail.”On October 7, 2019, Angela Lorenz, Esquire, filed a Notice of Appearance to represent the Respondent.The evidentiary hearing convened as scheduled on October 7, 2019.

  • Note: Appearance of a candidate’s name in the commencement program does not ensure that he/ she has met all requirements for graduation.

More Definitions of Appearance

Appearance means a written notification to the board that a party, an intervenor or the representative of a party or intervenor intends to actively participate in an adjudicative proceeding.
Appearance means any act during the course of a proceeding by which a person, either in person or by counsel, recognizes and submits to the jurisdiction of the Commission for all purposes except where it is expressly stated to be limited to a particular purpose, such as challenging the jurisdiction of the Commission.
Appearance refers to any activities, no matter how minor, which are filmed and which are under the direction of the production company. Thus, even a shot containing an officer in the background would be an appearance if the officer was directed by the Production Company to be where he/she is. Officers appearing in productions shall do so as secondary employment. Secondary employment requests would be submitted and all department regulations in this regard would be applicable. However, Departmental General Orders prohibits the use of Departmental issued equipment during the course of secondary employment without the express consent of the Chief of Police.
Appearance means the packaging, shape, colour or other non-functional characteristic of a product;
Appearance means a communication with the Tribunal that is made by a party or the representative of a party in connection with a [Notice of Violation] summons that is or was pending before the Tribunal. An appearance may be made in person, online or by other remote methods approved by the Tribunal.
Appearance means timely response to the Violation Bureau with a return of the Civil Infraction Notice with an admission of responsibility and with full payment of applicable fines and costs, or the timely application to the 14 A-1 Judicial District Court to request a hearing on the alleged civil violation.
Appearance means any opportunity to address the board, a board member, a panel, or hearing officer, including an interview.