Disconnect definition

Disconnect means the disabling of circuitry preventing both outgoing and incoming communications.
Disconnect. , in respect of a connection, means to operate switching equipment so as to prevent the transfer of electricity through the connection;
Disconnect means the permanent electrical disconnection of any structure, switchgear, equipment, line or device used by you at the Supply Point from the DNO or TNO and “Disconnection” shall be construed accordingly;

Examples of Disconnect in a sentence

  • Disconnect regulator, blow out tank valve and connect on full tank.

  • Disconnect the battery cables to both batteries befire proceeding with the AirDog® installation Vehicle main framerails should not be drilled into or welded upon.

  • Disconnect the Mix2Vial into two separate pieces (Figure 6) by holding each vial adapter and twisting counterclockwise.

  • Incomplete Item/NoteAll Exterior Wall Penetrations, Electrical Distribution Panel(s), A/C Disconnect Box(es) - Fixtures/Electrical boxes were not properly sealed.

  • Disconnect level controller and check that the lead pump is turned "on" and "off' at the proper levels by the float switches.

More Definitions of Disconnect

Disconnect shall be construed accordingly;
Disconnect means the termination or discontinuance of electric services. (Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission; 170 IAC 4-1-16.5; filed Oct 13, 1983, 4:02 pm: 7 IR 39; readopted filed Jul 11, 2001, 4:30 p.m.: 24 IR 4233; readopted filed Apr 24, 2007, 8:21 a.m.: 20070509-IR-170070147RFA; errata filed Jul 21, 2009, 1:33 p.m.: 20090819-IR-170090571ACA)
Disconnect means removing the supply to a meter (which may include the removal of a meter);
Disconnect means the permanent disconnection of any structure, switchgear, equipment, line or device used by you at the Supply Point from the Transportation System and “Disconnection or Disconnected” shall be construed accordingly;
Disconnect means to physically prevent the flow of water, recycled water or sewerage.
Disconnect or “Disconnection” means us stopping your access to the services;
Disconnect means to sever physical links to or with the transmission system for the purpose of preventing the flow of electricity at the boundary between the transmission system and a facility or other equipment;