Light industrial definition

Light industrial means buildings used solely to house industrial use that are not more than one story in height and not exceeding 10,000 square feet in gross floor area, or are not more than two stories in height and not exceeding 6,000 square feet in gross floor area.
Light industrial means buildings not more than one story in height and not exceeding 10,000 square feet in gross floor area that involve fabrication or manufacturing of noncombustible materials which, during finishing, packing, or processing, are not classified as hazardous use.

Examples of Light industrial in a sentence

The parcel is in a fluvial sand transport process area essential for the long-term viability of the original CVFTL Preserve area and the area tends to have Light Industrial land use designations making it an important acquisition.

A petition was received from Richard Lovegrove (on behalf of 46 community members) in favour of Rezoning to Commercial and Light Industrial in Wattle Grove South.

The lands are currently located within the Light Industrial (M1) Zone in the Zoning By- law which requires a minimum lot frontage of 30 m (98.4 ft) and minimum lot area of 2000 sq.m. (0.5 acres).

A public hearing will be held to consider a change of zone for property at 5610 4th Street Court SW from I-1, Light Industrial Zone District to C-3, Regional Commercial Zone District as requested by Point Builders and Todd Slezak.

The City Council had requested thatthe PC look at limiting ware- houses to 200,000 square feet or smaller for the Tumwater Light Industrial zone.Citizens and develop-ers spoke at the March 13th PC public hearing.

More Definitions of Light industrial

Light industrial means a use involving (1) basic processing and manufacturing of materials or
Light industrial means any service, manufacturing, wholesaling, warehouse, or other light industrial use, as may be approved by the Development Permit Board and be compatible with the office, retail or other commercial uses as well as the Residential use of the Downtown District.
Light industrial means an industrial use without using heavy machinery, such as
Light industrial means a use involving: (1) basic processing and manufacturing of materials or products predominantly from previously prepared materials; or (2) finished products or parts, including processing, fabrication, assembly, treatment, packaging, incidental storage, sales, and distribution of such products, but excluding basic processing of raw materials except food products.