CMA Documents definition

CMA Documents means the documents listed in Section 1.2.2. Each of the CMA Documents is an essential part of the agreement between the Parties, and a requirement occurring in one is as binding as though occurring in all. The CMA Documents are intended to be complementary and to describe and provide for a complete contract.
CMA Documents means the documents provided by the Defendants to the CMA in the course of the CMA Market Study.
CMA Documents has the meaning set forth in Section 1.2 of the Capital Maintenance Agreement. Code has the meaning set forth in Recital A to this DBA. Contract Documents has the meaning set forth in Section 1.3 of this DBA. DB Contractor or Design-Build Contractor means , a , together with its successors and assigns. Design-Build Agreement has the meaning set forth in the preamble hereof. Design-Build Special Provisions or Special Provisions means the Design-Build Special Provisions to Items 10-26 and Items 28-30, dated as of [●]. Design-Build Specifications means the Design-Build Standard Specifications, Items 10-30, as modified by the Special Provisions and the Design-Build Special Specifications, Items 10,000, 10,002 and 10,003. Differing Site Conditions Deductible has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1 of this DBA.

Examples of CMA Documents in a sentence

  • D-B CONTRACT PROVISIONS INCORPORATED Portions of the D-B Contract and Technical Provisions are referenced in the CMA Documents for the purpose of defining requirements of the CMA Documents applicable to design and construction.

  • The D-B BY REFERENCE Contract and Technical Provisions shall be deemed incorporated in the CMA Documents to the extent that they are so referenced, with the same order of priority as the CMA Document in which the reference occurs.

  • No later than ten Days after satisfactory completion of all Maintenance Services to be performed by a Subcontractor, including provision of appropriate releases, certificates and other evidence of the Subcontractor’s compliance with its Subcontract and all applicable requirements of the CMA Documents, DB Contractor shall pay to the Subcontractor moneys withheld in retention from the Subcontractor.

  • DB Contractor may be required to submit a detailed cost proposal identifying all categories of costs in accordance with the requirements of Section 10.7: (a) showing all impacts on the CMA Documents from Maintenance Services additions, deletions and modifications shown in the proposed Change Order being priced; and (b) setting out the proposed costs in such a way that a fair evaluation can be made.

  • Changes in the Maintenance Services or requirements in the CMA Documents that have no net cost effect on the Maintenance Price may be approved in writing by TxDOT as a Deviation, and in such event shall not require a Change Order.

  • No such limits of liability or approved variances therefrom shall preclude TxDOT from taking any actions as are available to it under the CMA Documents or otherwise at Law.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, requirements contained in the CMA Documents relating to actions to be taken in the event of an emergency, the mitigation of a hazard from a Category 1 Defect or other requirements for which it is evident that performance is intended to occur on a non-Business Day, shall be required to be performed as specified, even though the date in question may fall on a non-Business Day.

  • Exhibit 1 hereto contains the meaning of various terms used in the CMA Documents.

  • Any other change in the requirements of the CMA Documents shall require either a Directive Letter or a Change Order.

  • If the date to perform any act or give any notice specified in the CMA Documents (including the last date for performance or provision of notice “within” a specified time period) falls on a non-Business Day, such act or notice may be timely performed on the next succeeding day that is a Business Day.

More Definitions of CMA Documents

CMA Documents means the documents identified in Section 1.2 of the CMA.

Related to CMA Documents

  • RFP Documents means the following documents to be entered into by the parties to the respective agreements in connection with the supply of power:

  • Financing Documents means collectively the documents evidencing Lenders’ commitment to finance the Project.

  • Related Documents mean all promissory notes, credit agreements, loan agreements, environmental agreements, guaranties, security agreements, mortgages, deeds of trust, security deeds, collateral mortgages, and all other instruments, agreements and documents, whether now or hereafter existing, executed in connection with the Loan.

  • Borrower Documents shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.06.

  • Debt Financing Documents means the agreements, documents and certificates contemplated by the Debt Financing.

  • Senior Documents means, collectively, with respect to any Senior Obligation, any provision pertaining to such Senior Obligation in any Loan Document or any other document, instrument or certificate evidencing or delivered in connection with such Senior Obligation.

  • Bid Documents means all the documents issued by the Chief Procurement Officer, or referenced by the Chief Procurement Officer as being available on the City's website and incorporated by such reference, in connection with an invitation for bids or proposals. Except for such Bid Documents as are posted on the City's website and incorporated by reference, all Bid Documents must be submitted by a bidder on the Bid Opening Date.

  • Operative Documents means the Purchase Agreement, the Indenture, the Trust Agreement, the Guarantee Agreement, the Notes and the Trust Securities.

  • Equity Documents means collectively the documents evidencing subscription to Equity to the extent of equity component of cost of the Project.

  • Bidding Documents means the set of Bidding Documents that preceded the placement of the Contract of which these GCC form a part, which were sold or issued by the Purchaser to potential Bidders, and in which the specifications, terms and conditions of the proposed procurement were prescribed.

  • Subordinated Documents means the Subordinated Note and any and all other documents, agreements, writings or instruments executed in connection therewith or pursuant thereto, in each case, as in effect on the date hereof and as amended, modified, restated or Refinanced in accordance with the terms hereof.

  • Agreement Documents means the instructions to proponents, scope of service, addenda, response to the RFP, and the acceptance of proposal together with all subsequently negotiated agreements, written amendments, modifications, and supplements to such documents and all written authorizations signed by the administrator(s) amending, deleting, or adding to the contract.

  • L/C Documents is defined in Section 3.4 hereof.

  • Restructuring Documents means, collectively, the documents and agreements (and the exhibits, schedules, annexes and supplements thereto) necessary to implement, or entered into in connection with, this Plan, including, without limitation, the Plan Supplement, the Exhibits, the Plan Schedules, the Amended/New Organizational Documents, the Exit Facility Loan Documents, and the Plan Securities and Documents.

  • Merger Documents means, collectively, this Agreement, the Certificate of Merger, and all other agreements and documents entered into in connection with the Merger and the other transactions contemplated hereby.

  • Related Agreements means all such ancillary agreements required in this Agreement to be executed and delivered in connection with the transactions contemplated hereby.

  • Assigned Documents has the meaning assigned to that term in Section 2.12.

  • Facility Documents means this Agreement, the Notes, the Account Control Agreement, the Sale Agreement, the Administrative Agent Fee Letter, the Lender Fee Letter, the Collateral Administration and Agency Fee Letter and any other security agreements and other instruments entered into or delivered by or on behalf of the Borrower in favor of the Collateral Agent, the Administrative Agent or any Lender from time to time pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Other Transaction Documents means the Transaction Documents other than this Agreement.

  • Junior Documents means, collectively, with respect to any Junior Obligations, any provision pertaining to such Junior Obligation in any Loan Document or any other document, instrument or certificate evidencing or delivered in connection with such Junior Obligation.