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TERMS OF SALE. IF YOU SUCCESSFULLY BID ON A PROPERTY, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY THE ADVERTISED DEPOSIT WHICH MUST BE IN THE FORM OF CASH OR A CASHIER’S CHECK MADE PAYABLE TO YOURSELF. THIS IS A CASH SALE AND IS NOT CONTINGENT UPON THE BUYER’S ABILITY TO OBTAIN FINANCING. XXXXXXX MONEY IS NOT CONSIDERED AN “OPTION” PAYMENT. YOU ARE AGREEING TO CLOSE ON THE PROPERTY WHEN YOU SUCCESSFULLY BID ON THE PROPERTY. The successful bidder for each property shall execute an “auction real estate sales contract” for each property immediately after being declared the successful bidder by the auctioneer. Copies of this sales contract are available for review on website (xxx.XxxxxxxXxxxxxx.xxx) Bidding increments are made in amounts acceptable to the Auctioneer, who may set a minimum bidding increment as the sale progresses. Any bid may be rejected by the Auctioneer if it is merely nominal or, at his or her discretion, it may negatively affect the auction process. Auctions will be either Absolute or Reserve. If this is an Absolute Sale, the high bidder shall be the Purchaser. If this is a Reserve sale the seller may accept or reject the high bidder, however; if the bid exceeds the predetermined Reserve Price the auction will become an Absolute auction and will be sold to the high bidder. In the event of a dispute between bidders the Auctioneer in its discretion may determine the successful bidder or re-offer the property for sale. By bidding at an auction, whether present or by agent, by written bid or otherwise, bidders shall be deemed to have consented to the jurisdiction of the State and Federal courts of the State of Maryland. If property is tenant occupied, the property will be sold subject to the existing tenant in dwelling. Broker Participation Invited: A 2.5% buyer broker commission, before the inclusion of the Buyer’s Premium, will be paid to brokers who represent a purchaser on any auction property. The Buyer’s Premium is based on only the Bid Price of each auction sale. In order to be paid a commission, the buyer broker must do the following: ►Register clients at least 48 hours prior to auction on xxx.XxxxxxxXxxxxxx.xxx ►Accompany client to auction sale ►Review the “terms and conditions of sale” with each client you represent Each step must be completed. If any of these steps have been omitted, the broker will not be paid a commission. There will be no exceptions. Bidders will be required to acknowledge buyer broker relationship as they register at the sale. By bidding, each...
TERMS OF SALE. The purchase price for the Certificates to the Underwriters will be 99.775% of the aggregate principal amount of the Class A Certificates and 99.750% of the aggregate principal amount of the Class B Certificates as of June 6, 2000. The Underwriters will offer the Certificates to the public at a price equal to 100.00% of the aggregate principal amount of the Class A Certificates and 100.00% of the aggregate principal amount of the Class B Certificates.
TERMS OF SALE means these terms of sale, as amended or updated from time to time;

Examples of TERMS OF SALE in a sentence


  • TERMS OF SALE: The undersigned agrees to furnish the products or services listed at the prices quoted.

  • READ THESE TERMS OF SALE CAREFULLYBy participating in the Auction, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and make representations as set forth below.

  • I / we acknowledge and certify that I / we have read, understand, and agree to all of the above TERMS OF SALE and incorporate the same into my / our offer to purchase tax-foreclosed property.

  • Erie St., Mercer, Pa at the stated time and date, the following described real estate, subject to the TERMS OF SALE, as follows:WRIT OF EXECUTION NO.

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TERMS OF SALE means the Terms of Sale for Bidders or Buyers at our auctions;
TERMS OF SALE. The purchase price for the Designated Securities to the Underwriters will be the percentage of the aggregate initial principal amount of the Certificates set forth below, plus accrued interest at the applicable Certificate Rate from July 31, 1997.
TERMS OF SALE. [The purchase price for the Certificates to the Underwriter[s] will be ___% of the aggregate principal amount of the Certificates as of ____________, 20__, plus accrued interest at the Certificate Rate from ____________, 20__, together with estimated expenses of approximately $____________.] [The Underwriters will offer the Certificates to the public from time to time, in negotiated transactions or otherwise, at varying prices to be determined at the time of sale.] Distribution Dates: ______________________________.
TERMS OF SALE are available at: xxxxx://xxx.xxxxxx.xxx/tc, or 1-800-METER-IT
TERMS OF SALE mean the terms and conditions contained in this document;
TERMS OF SALE has the meaning provided in Section 2.2(b).
TERMS OF SALE means the provisions hereto which constitute the provisions of the terms and conditions of sale between the Seller and the Purchaser.