Tool definition

Tool means the tool developed in accordance with Section 35A-15-303.
Tool means templates, forms, charts, informational and any other material prescribed for use in conjunction with an element of a Policy, Guideline, Business Process and SOPs.
Tool means the tool developed in accordance with Section35A-15-303.

Examples of Tool in a sentence

  • Contractor shall submit quarterly sales reports directly to NASPO ValuePoint using the NASPO ValuePoint Quarterly Sales/Administrative Fee Reporting Tool found at xxxx://

  • Conduct or cause to be conducted a search that reveals information similar or substantially similar to information found on an Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT) check and a national and state sex offender registry check for each new employee, employee, subcontractor, subcontractor employee, or volunteer who under this Agreement works directly with clients or has access to client information.

  • Headlamps Flashlight/lantern Portable LED work light Waterproof, floating flashlights Batteries Tool kit Power drill & bits Staple gun & staples Scissors (large & small) Utility knife Duct tape Packing tape Gorilla Tape Yellow/black caution tape (adhesive) Caution tape (non adhesive) Reflective Tape Tuck Tape (outdoor repair sheathing tape) Binder Clips (large & small) DRAFT Cable ties Collections Protection Check this box if all collection protection supplies are included.

  • Where an Online Booking Tool has been selected, the profiles will be managed by the Users and override the data held by Mobilleo on printed format.

  • Diese kann zum Beispiel mithilfe der Checkliste für die Einbeziehung der Umwelt erstellt werden, die im Teil 1 von CHRODIS PLUS Training Tool für Ma- nager enthalten ist.

More Definitions of Tool

Tool means any program used for software development, testing, data search, analysis, project management, measurement and monitoring or system maintenance, including related know-how;
Tool means any software program, hardware implement, or
Tool means all appliances, devices, equipment, instruments, scrapers or things of whatsoever nature that are driven through a Pipeline for performing various internal activities (depending on the Tool type) including, but not limited to, separating fluids, cleaning or inspecting the Pipeline.
Tool means the tool developed in accordance with Section 35A-15-303. Section 2. Section 53E-4-314 is amended to read:
Tool means the objects used under various occupations as identified in this document.
Tool means any software program, hardware implement, product service
Tool means the specific software files downloaded by You from a Palo Alto Networks designated site and includes (a) machine readable instruction and data; (b) scripts, libraries and binary files; and (c) associated documentation.