Definition of Building II Landlord Improvements

Building II Landlord Improvements means the shell and core of Building II, to be completed by Landlord consistent with the Building II Outline Specifications.

Examples of Building II Landlord Improvements in a sentence

With respect to Building II, commencing on the latter of (a) the Building II Substantial Completion date, or (b) delivery of the Building II Landlord Improvements to Tenant, and continuing for the balance of the Term, Tenant will comply with the insurance requirements in Section 16 of the Lease.
Page 14 become necessary with respect to the Building II Landlord Improvements in order to comply with all Public Accommodation Laws.
From and after the expiration of the Building 11 Warranty Period, Landlord shall cooperate with Tenant in Tenants enforcement, at Tenants sole cost and expense, of any express warranties or guaranties of workmanship or materials for the Building II Landlord Improvements given by subcontractors, architects, draftsmen, or materialmen that guarantee .or warrant against defective design, workmanship, or materials for a period of time in excess of the Building II Warranty Period.
Notwithstanding anything in this Lease to the contrary, a certificate from Landlords architect that the Building II Landlord Improvements have been completed in substantial accordance with the Final Design Drawings shall confirm that Building II Substantial Completion Landlord Improvements has occurred, absent manifest error (the Certificate of Substantial Completion).
Page 4 and warranties received by Landlord in connection with the construction of the Building II Landlord Improvements and shall assign to Tenant Landlords interest in those guaranties and warranties by means of a duly executed and acknowledged assignment in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Landlord and Tenant.