Bank Group definition

Bank Group means a bank in Singapore, its subsidiaries and any other company treated as part of the bank’s group of companies according to Accounting Standards and in the case of a bank incorporated outside Singapore, only where such subsidiary or company is reflected as an investment in the books of the bank in Singapore in relation to its operations in Singapore;
Bank Group means the Bank, the Inter-American Investment Corporation and the Multilateral Investment Fund.

Examples of Bank Group in a sentence

  • World Bazaars, the Bank Group, and the Creditors' Committee believe that World Bazaars has numerous, significant claims, rights, and causes of actions against the Abulafias.

  • For example, the Plan classifies the Secured Claims of the Bank Group under the Credit Facility in Class 1 and the Bank Group's remaining claims against World Bazaars in Class 6.

  • This trustee would likely be elected by World Bazaars' unsecured creditors, including the Bank Group, which holds an estimated $17.1 million deficiency claim.

  • World Bazaars has considered whether it may have any valid claims, rights, or causes of action against the Bank Group.

  • Liquidations were concentrated in the past two years with the closure of 10 credit institutions, of which two institutions generated the largest volume of compensations so far (Orgovány and Region Savings Cooperative and, composed of four banks, the DRB Bank Group2).The substantial amounts paid out in compensation in 2014 almost depleted the NDIF’s reserves and it was in this financial situation that the NDIF faced the liquidation of the DRB Bank Group in 2015.

More Definitions of Bank Group

Bank Group means the Bank together with its consolidated subsidiaries;
Bank Group means Bank or any affiliate of Bank subject to aggregation with Bank under such Section 13 of the Exchange Act and rules promulgated thereunder and all persons who may form agroup” (within the meaning of Rule 13d-5(b)(1) under the Exchange Act) with Bank. Bank shall provide Counterparty with prompt written notice of any transfer made pursuant to this Section 9(e)(ii), including the identity of the third party to whom such transfer is made. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Bank may not transfer or assign under this clause (ii) unless the following conditions are satisfied (the “Transfer Conditions”):
Bank Group means the entities as hereinbefore defined and any successor (whether direct or indirect, by purchase, merger, consolidation or otherwise) to all or substantially all of the equity, business and/or assets of the Bank Group or that otherwise becomes bound by all the terms and provisions of this Agreement by operation of law.
Bank Group means Bank and each business unit of its affiliates subject to aggregation with Bank under Section 13 or Section 16 of the Exchange Act and rules promulgated thereunder. The “Share Amount” as of any day is the number of Shares that Bank and any person whose ownership position would be aggregated with that of Bank (Bank or any such person, a “Bank Person”) under any law, rule, regulation or regulatory order that for any reason becomes applicable to ownership of Shares after the Trade Date (“Applicable Laws”), owns, beneficially owns, constructively owns, controls, holds the power to vote or otherwise meets a relevant definition of ownership of under the Applicable Laws, as determined by Bank in its reasonable discretion. The “Post-Effective Limit” means (x) the minimum number of Shares that would give rise to reporting or registration obligations or other requirements (including obtaining prior approval from any person or entity) of a Bank Person, or would result in an adverse effect on a Bank Person, under the Applicable Laws, as determined by Bank in its reasonable discretion, minus (y) 1% of the number of Shares outstanding. If at any time Bank determines, in its reasonable opinion based upon advice of counsel, that as a result of Company’s direct or indirect interest in, or direct or indirect control of, either Textron Business Credit, Inc. or Textron Financial Corporation, any state or federal laws are or have become applicable to Bank’s ownership of Shares, then the Post-Effective Limit and the Share Amount shall be determined as set forth above in the definitions of those terms, irrespective of whether or not such laws have been applicable to ownership of Shares on or prior to the Trade Date.
Bank Group means Wells Fargo Bank (Texas), N.A. individually and as Agent for Daystar LLC as agent for and on behalf of Yale University (successor to Bank One, Texas, N.A.), Comerica Bank, Wingate Capital, Ltd. and CoMac Endowment Fund, LP (successors to Heller Financial, Inc.) and Bear, Stearns & Co., Inc. (successor to Union Bank of California, N.A.) or their assignees.
Bank Group means the Current Bank Group and the Original Bank Group.
Bank Group means the Bank and its Affiliates;