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Bank One. Chase The third NSA to be implemented was with Bank One, again a financial institution. Due to a merger between Bank One and XX Xxxxxx/Xxxxx (Xxxxx), this case presents unique problems that are discussed at further detail in section
Bank One. Chase Less than two weeks after the filing of the Bank One NSA, Bank One and X.X. Xxxxxx/Xxxxx (Xxxxx) merged. In anticipation of the merger, the agreement included enhanced provisions to adjust the discount structure by increasing the volume thresholds for discounts to account for the additional volume of Chase.28 The merger provisions were structured to allow the merged entity (which retained the Chase name) to receive discounts on only the “heritage 28 Previous NSAs included merger and acquisition provisions, but the Bank One agreement expanded on them. Bank One” volume until it chose to integrate the volume of the merger partner (“heritage Chase”).29 This rendered the analysis of the financial impact of the agreement provided by USPS obsolete almost as soon as it was filed. The bank- wide impact of the merger combined with the timing of the integration made it impossible for the USPS to generate a reliable post-merger financial analysis. In its initial response to discovery, USPS took the position that it was not possible to estimate the effects of the merger on the value of the agreement. In order to facilitate settlement discussions, USPS provided an estimate of the financial effects under a hypothetical scenario that assumed integration of Xxxxx’x volumes would occur in January 2005. The analysis also assumed that, without the NSA, heritage Chase marketing volume would adopt the same proportional mix of First-Class and Standard Mail as the heritage Bank One. The combination of these assumptions, and Xxxxx’x heavy use of First-Class for its marketing mail, lead to aggressive projections of both growth and savings, and the analysis put forth by USPS suggested that the merger would increase the three-year value of the agreement from $11.6 million to $20.3 million.30 As a condition for recommending approval, the Commission added a provision to the agreement that limited the discounts to the level at which they would not exceed the estimated savings from electronic returns of undeliverable mail. After implementing the agreement, Chase and USPS requested that the Commission reconsider the addition of the discount cap. In its pleadings to the Commission, Chase argued that the cap would severely limit the potential benefits of the NSA because it was responding to the incentives so aggressively that it was likely to exhaust the maximum allowed discounts before the end of the first year. Because the mailer-provided forecasts indicated that the cap would not b...
Bank One. The term "Bank One" shall mean Bank One, Texas, N.A., a national banking association, in its capacity as a Lender hereunder.
Bank One. The Bank One Indebtedness shall have been paid in full and Bank One shall have released all liens on USRR's assets except for liens related to the MBFC Financing.
Bank One. The maturity of the Corporation's indebtedness to Bank One shall have been extended to no earlier than January 10, 2001.
Bank One. Borrower shall use its diligent efforts to have the Mortgaged Property commonly known as Bank One, 0000 XXX Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx, XX, entered into the Innocent Owner/Operator Program by the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission ("TNRC") and to obtain from TNRC an Innocent Owner/Operator Program certificate.

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  • JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N A, whose principal place of business in England is at 000 Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX (the “Custodian”); and

  • BANK OF AMERICA, N A., as Initial Note A-1-1 Holder, Initial Note A-1-2 Holder, Initial Note A-1-3 Holder, Initial Note A-1-4 Holder and Initial Note A-1-5 Holder By: /s/ Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx Name: Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx Title: Managing Director 00 Xxxx 00xx Xxxxxx - Agreement Between Note Holders UBS AG, NEW YORK BRANCH, as Initial Note A-2-1 Holder, Initial Note A-2-2 Holder, Initial Note A-2-3 Holder, Initial Note A-2-4 Holder, Initial Note A-2-5 Holder, Initial Note A-2-6 Holder, Initial Note A-2-7 Holder, Initial Note A-2-8 Holder, Initial Note A-2-9 Holder, Initial Note A-2-10 Holder and Initial Note A-2- 11 Holder By: /s/ Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Name: Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Title: Executive Director By: /s/ Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Name: Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Title: Managing Director 00 Xxxx 00xx Xxxxxx - Agreement Between Note Holders LMF COMMERCIAL, LLC, as Initial Note A-3-1 Holder, Initial Note A-3-2 Holder, Initial Note A-3-3 Holder, Initial Note A-3-4 Holder, Initial Note A-3-5 Holder, Initial Note A-3-6 Holder, Initial Note A-3-7 Holder and Initial Note A-3-8 Holder By: /s/ Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx Name: Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx Title: Auhorized Signatory 00 Xxxx 00xx Xxxxxx - Agreement Between Note Holders EXHIBIT A MORTGAGE LOAN SCHEDULE Description of Mortgage Loan Mortgage Loan Borrowers: 11 WEST 42 REALTY INVESTORS, L.L.C. Date of Mortgage Loan: June 30, 2023 Date of All Promissory Notes: June 30, 2023 Original Principal Amount of Mortgage Loan: $274,000,000 Principal Amount of Mortgage Loan as of the date hereof: $274,000,000 Promissory Note A-1-1 Principal Balance: $30,000,000 Promissory Note A-1-2 Principal Balance: $25,000,000 Promissory Note A-1-3 Principal Balance: $15,000,000 Promissory Note A-1-4 Principal Balance: $11,333,334 Promissory Note A-1-5 Principal Balance: $10,000,000 Promissory Note A-2-1 Principal Balance: $6,333,333 Promissory Note A-2-2 Principal Balance: $20,000,000 Promissory Note A-2-3 Principal Balance: $10,000,000 Promissory Note A-2-4 Principal Balance: $10,000,000 Promissory Note A-2-5 Principal Balance: $10,000,000 Promissory Note A-2-6 Principal Balance: $10,000,000 Promissory Note A-2-7 Principal Balance: $5,000,000 Promissory Note A-2-8 Principal Balance: $5,000,000 Promissory Note A-2-9 Principal Balance: $5,000,000 Promissory Note A-2-10 Principal Balance: $5,000,000 Promissory Note A-2-11 Principal Balance: $5,000,000 Promissory Note A-3-1 Principal Balance: $25,000,000 Promissory Note A-3-2 Principal Balance: $23,000,000 Promissory Note A-3-3 Principal Balance: $10,000,000 Promissory Note A-3-4 Principal Balance: $12,000,000 Promissory Note A-3-5 Principal Balance: $5,000,000 Promissory Note A-3-6 Principal Balance: $5,000,000 Promissory Note A-3-7 Principal Balance: $5,666,667 Promissory Note A-3-8 Principal Balance: $5,666,666 Location of Mortgaged Property: 00 Xxxx 00xx Xxxxxx, Xxx Xxxx, XX 00000 Maturity Date: July 6, 2028 EXHIBIT B

  • Xxxxx Fargo Bank, N A., not in its individual capacity but solely as Interim Eligible Lender Trustee By: _______________________________ Name: Title: ADDITIONAL PURCHASE AGREEMENT NUMBER [ ] [ ] BLANKET ENDORSEMENT DATED [ ], 2015 Navient Credit Finance Corporation (“Navient CFC”), by execution of this instrument, hereby endorses the attached promissory note which is one (1) of the promissory notes (the “Notes”) described in the Additional Xxxx of Sale executed by Navient CFC in favor of Xxxxx Fargo Bank, N.A., as the Interim Eligible Lender Trustee for the benefit of Navient Funding, LLC (“Funding”), and Funding. This endorsement is in blank, unrestricted form and without recourse except as provided in Section 6 of the Master Terms referred to in the Additional Purchase Agreement among Navient CFC, Funding and the Interim Eligible Lender Trustee which covers the promissory note (the “Additional Purchase Agreement”). This endorsement may be effected by attaching either this instrument or a facsimile hereof to each or any of the Notes. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Navient CFC agrees to individually endorse each Note in the form provided by Funding as Funding may from time to time require or if such individual endorsement is required by the Guarantor of the Note. THE SALE AND PURCHASE OF THE ADDITIONAL LOANS SHALL BE SUBJECT TO THE TERMS, CONDITIONS AND COVENANTS, INCLUDING THIS BLANKET ENDORSEMENT, AS SET FORTH IN THE RELATED ADDITIONAL PURCHASE AGREEMENT. BY EXECUTION HEREOF, NAVIENT CFC ACKNOWLEDGES THAT NAVIENT CFC HAS READ, UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES TO BE BOUND BY ALL TERMS, CONDITIONS AND COVENANTS OF THE ADDITIONAL PURCHASE AGREEMENT. THE SALE AND PURCHASE SHALL BE CONSUMMATED UPON FUNDING’S PAYMENT TO NAVIENT CFC OF THE ADDITIONAL LOANS PURCHASE PRICE AND, UNLESS OTHERWISE AGREED BY NAVIENT CFC AND FUNDING, SHALL BE EFFECTIVE AS OF THE DATE OF THE ADDITIONAL XXXX OF SALE.

  • WELLS FARGO NAME The Adviser axx xxe Trust each agree that the name "Wells Fargo," which comprises a xxxxonent of the Trust's name, is a property right of the parent of the Adviser. The Trust agrees and consents that: (i) it will use the words "Wells Fargo" as a component of xxx xorporate name, the name of any series or class, or all of the above, and for no other purpose; (ii) it will not grant to any third party the right to use the name "Wells Fargo" for any purpose; (xxx) the Adviser or any corporate affiliate of the Adviser may use or grant to others the right to use the words "Wells Fargo," or any combinatiox xx abbreviation thereof, as all or a portion of a corporate or business name or for any commercial purpose, other than a grant of such right to another registered investment company not advised by the Adviser or one of its affiliates; and (iv) in the event that the Adviser or an affiliate thereof is no longer acting as investment adviser to any Fund, the Trust shall, upon request by the Adviser, promptly take such action as may be necessary to change its corporate name to one not containing the words "Wells Fargo" and following such xxxxge, shall not use the words "Wells Fargo," or any combinatiox xxxreof, as a part of its corporate name or for any other commercial purpose, and shall use its best efforts to cause its trustees, officers and shareholders to take any and all actions that the Adviser may request to effect the foregoing and to reconvey to the Adviser any and all rights to such words.

  • Financial Services The aim of cooperation shall be to achieve closer common rules and standards in areas including the following:

  • Bank The Buyer (a) is a national bank or banking institution organized under the laws of any State, territory or the District of Columbia, the business of which is substantially confined to banking and is supervised by the State or territorial banking commission or similar official or is a foreign bank or equivalent institution, and (b) has an audited net worth of at least $25,000,000 as demonstrated in its latest annual financial statements, a copy of which is attached hereto.

  • EEA Financial Institution No Loan Party is an EEA Financial Institution.

  • EEA Financial Institutions No Loan Party is an EEA Financial Institution.

  • CITIBANK, N A. shall indemnify the Seller, each Affiliate of the Seller and each Person who controls any of such parties (within the meaning of Section 15 of the Securities Act and Section 20 of the Exchange Act) and the respective present and former directors, officers, employees and agents of each of the foregoing, and shall hold each of them harmless from and against any losses, damages, penalties, fines, forfeitures, legal fees and expenses and related costs, judgments, and any other costs, fees and expenses that any of them may sustain arising out of or based upon:

  • As the Financial Administrator The Financial Administrator shall provide the following services, in each case, subject to the control, supervision and direction of the respective Trust and its Board of Trustees/Directors (the “Board”) and in accordance with procedures which may be established from time to time between the Trust and the Financial Administrator (including the procedures established in the “Service Level Agreement” as defined in Section V of this Agreement):