Seller’s Group definition

Seller’s Group means the Seller and any company which is, on or after the date of this Agreement, a subsidiary or holding company of the Seller or a subsidiary of a holding company of the Seller, and excludes, for the avoidance of doubt, any Group Company, and "Seller's Group Company" shall be construed accordingly.
Seller’s Group means the Seller and its Affiliates from time to time;
Seller’s Group means the Seller and its subsidiaries.

Examples of Seller’s Group in a sentence

  • If Buyer benefits from any tax, fee or duty exemption which is applicable to Seller or Seller’s Group, Buyer agrees to provide Seller, without charge and before the following as applicable: (1) entering into the Contract, (2) before invoicing, or (3) before any other relevant event, documentation acceptable to the competent tax authorities supporting the exemption, together with instructions on the exemption procedure.

  • Seller’s representative as identified in the Contract or otherwise in writing (“Seller’s Representative”) is the person through whom all communication to Seller’s Group regarding the Work will be conducted.

  • Seller shall have complete and sole control over its employees, representatives, agents (including those of any member of Seller’s Group), the details of the performance of an Order, and the methods by which performance of an Order is accomplished.

  • Notwithstanding herein otherwise contained, the Seller has the right to assign all or part of its rights and obligations under this Agreement to any subsidiary or holding company or its associate or affiliates within the Seller’s Group or its related company without prior approval of the Buyer.

  • Numbers 5-7, however, were used to code the literature, as no subcodes exist under those headings in the hierarchy.

More Definitions of Seller’s Group

Seller’s Group means any "affiliated group" (as defined in Section 1504(a) of the Code without regard to the limitations contained in Section 1504(b) of the Code) that includes the Seller or a predecessor of or successor to Seller (or another such predecessor or successor).
Seller’s Group means the Seller and any holding company of the Seller, and any undertaking which, in relation to the Seller and/or any parent undertaking of the Seller, is a subsidiary undertaking from time to time;
Seller’s Group means the Sellers, any of their family members (direct ascendants, direct descendants and spouses), any of their respective Affiliates, as well as their officers, employees, representatives or agents, from time to time, other than, prior to the Closing Date, the Group Companies.
Seller’s Group means the Sellers and their Affiliates from time to time, but excluding from Completion, each Group Company;
Seller’s Group means the Seller and its subsidiaries (excluding the Target Group) from time to time;
Seller’s Group means the Sellers and each of their respective Affiliates collectively.