APS definition

APS means the shares of APS being auctioned pursuant to this Section 11.10.

Examples of APS in a sentence

  • American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM), American Pain Society (APS), and American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

  • APS 1022 states: “Typically, up to three years of full-time service in the rank of assistant professor, associate professor, or professor at other institutions may be included in the probationary period.” The number of years of prior service credit to be applied to the tenure probationary period must be negotiated at the time of hire and must be included in the letter of offer.

  • Per APS 1022, review procedures at the School of Medicine, Colorado School of Public Health, and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences may vary.

  • Even for graduate entrants into the APS, the variation is nearly 20 per cent.

  • Figure 15 shows the reduction in peak and integrated brightness for the two APS devices, as a function ofharmonic number.

More Definitions of APS

APS means the shares of APS being auctioned pursuant to this paragraph 10.
APS means, as the case may be, the Auction Preferred Shares.
APS means the Series A APS, the Series B APS, the Series C APS, the Series D APS and the Series E APS. “APS Basic Maintenance Amount,” as of any Valuation Date, means the dollar amount equal to the sum of (i)(A) the product of the number of APS Outstanding on such date multiplied by $25,000, plus any redemption premium applicable to APS then subject to redemption; (B) the aggregate amount of dividends that will have accumulated at the respective Applicable Rates (whether or not earned or declared) to (but not including) the first respective Dividend Payment Dates for each series of APS Outstanding that follow such Valuation Date (plus the aggregate amount of dividends, whether or not earned or declared, that will have accumulated in respect of other outstanding preferred shares to, but not including, the first respective dividend payment dates for such other shares that follow such Valuation Date); (C) the aggregate amount of dividends that would accumulate on shares of each series of APS Outstanding from such first respective Dividend Payment Date therefor through the 49th day after such Valuation Date, at the Maximum Applicable Rate (calculated as if such Valuation Date were the Auction Date for the Dividend Period commencing on such Dividend Payment Date) for a 7-Day Dividend Period of shares of such series to commence on such Dividend Payment Date, multiplied by the Volatility Factor (except that (1) if such Valuation Date occurs during a Non-Payment Period, the dividend for purposes of calculation would accumulate at the then current Non-Payment Period Rate and (2) for those days during the period described in this clause (C) in respect of which the Applicable Rate in effect immediately prior to such Dividend Payment Date will remain in effect, the dividend for purposes of calculation would accumulate at such Applicable Rate in respect of those days); (D) the amount of anticipated expenses of the Trust for the 90 days subsequent to such Valuation Date; and (E) any current liabilities as of such Valuation Date to the extent not reflected in any of (i)(A) through (i)(D) (including, without limitation, any payables for portfolio securities of the Trust purchased as of such Valuation Date and any liabilities incurred for the purpose of clearing securities transactions) less (ii) the value (i.e., the face value of cash, short-term securities rated XXX-0, XXXX-0 xx X-0, and short-term securities that are the direct obligation of the U.S. government, provided in...
APS means the preferred shares, par value $.001 per share, of the Trust designated as its “Auction Preferred Shares” and bearing such further designation as to series as the Board of Trustees of the Trust or any committee thereof shall specify.