APS definition

APS means the shares of APS being auctioned pursuant to this Section 11.10.

Examples of APS in a sentence

  • Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless APS from any damages, claims, liabilities, and costs including reasonable attorney fees in the event any unauthorized release of such information occurs.

  • If delay in delivery is foreseen, Seller must notify the APS Requesting Department of late delivery, cause of late delivery and remedy for late delivery.

  • APS holds a Class 9 Nontaxable Transaction Certificate and is exempt from payment of taxes on tangible personal property.

  • Section VI of the RFA or APS will state if an Administrator approved the use of an additional or substitute logo, seal, or tagline.

  • The Contractor shall pay such expenses upon demand by APS and failure to do so may result in such amounts being withheld from any amounts due to Contractor under this Contract.

More Definitions of APS

APS means Arizona Public Service Company, an Arizona corporation.
APS means, as the case may be, the Auction Preferred Shares.
APS means Albuquerque Public Schools.
APS means the preferred shares, par value $.001 per share, of the Trust designated as its “Auction Preferred Shares” and bearing such further designation as to series as the Board of Trustees of the Trust or any committee thereof shall specify.
APS means the Advance Payment System referred to in Sub-Part AA of Part IV; 36*