DPI definition

DPI means the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.
DPI means the motor-driven dry powder inhaler (other than an inahler designed to deliver a single dose of a drug) developed by DURA, DDSI and/or Spiros Corp. and to be developed by DURA and/or Spiros Corp. II.
DPI means dots per inch and is used as a measure of the number of dots recorded in either a vertical or horizontal plane for each inch. It is used to measure scanning resolution.

Examples of DPI in a sentence

  • If the size of the file is more than 50 kb, then adjust the settings of the scanner such as the DPI resolution, no.

  • FACTS AND PRIOR PROCEEDINGS1 Terence Williams, an employee of DPI Midatlantic, Inc.

  • Restructuring of charter contract layout to align better to DPI required and recommended charter Benchmarks to be more reader friendly.

  • The DPI has provided this agreement, subject to one minor amendment to be included in the lease before final drafting.

  • GPR- $500,000$500,000$0 Governor: Transfer $250,000 annually from the Department's workforce training grants appropriation ("Fast Forward") to DPI for the administration of the teacher development training and recruitment grants program, as transferred to DPI under the bill.

More Definitions of DPI

DPI means the degree of permanent impairment of the upper extremity assessed by a registered person as resulting from the injury or, for multiple injuries, the injuries.
DPI means Dickstein Partners Inc.
DPI means DuPont Photomasks, Inc. and, unless the context otherwise requires, together with its Affiliates.
DPI has the meaning set forth in the first paragraph.