appointed person definition

appointed person means the person given the authority to assess, plan and organise the work; to select suitable or appropriate plant and equipment, to ensure statutory documentation is current and in order; to provide instruction and supervision for the work to be undertaken safely; and tostop the work whenever he considers danger is likely to arise if it were to be continued.
appointed person means a person who holds or does something for another person by acting for, and on behalf of the other person
appointed person means the individual(s) designated by Principal to initiate funds transfer instructions to Custodian in accordance with Paragraph 15 of this Agreement.

Examples of appointed person in a sentence

  • The Appointed Person responsible for maintaining the First Aid box is the Safety Officer.

  • At other times, the Appointed Person is the Facilities Manager or, in his absence, the Town Clerk (according to availability).

  • The Appointed Person responsible for taking charge in an emergency during public opening hours is the duty supervisor.

  • The Customer undertakes to inform the Bank in writing of any changes in the Authorised Signatory and/or Appointed Person and/or on the appointment of any new Authorised Signatory and/or Appointed Person in such form and substance as may be acceptable by the Bank.

  • The provisions in the User Guidance is to be complied with by the Customer and the Appointed Person, as the case may be, to access and use the Mobile Banking Services.

More Definitions of appointed person

appointed person means any person who is designated as a fee-earner in accordance with any arrangements made from time to time between the firm and the Legal Services Commission pursuant to the provisions of the Access to Justice Xxx 0000, regardless of whether the services performed for the firm by that person in accordance with Rule 4.1 are performed pursuant to such arrangements or otherwise, and who is engaged by the firm under a contract for services in the course of the private practice of the firm;
appointed person means the Building Inspector, By-Law Enforcement Officer of the Town of Wolfville, or any other person appointed by the Chief Administrative Officer who is empowered by legislation to enforce this By-law.
appointed person means a person appointed under this section to conduct an inquiry;
appointed person means any person appointed by a custodian, or by any other person empowered by the terms of his own appointment to appoint another person, to exercise any of the functions given to the custodian;
appointed person means a person as described in paragraph (3) who is appointed by an office-holder (other than the official receiver);
appointed person means, in the case of an incapacitated person, a person appointed by that incapacitated person, a court or someone with authority to do so, to manage the incapacitated person’s affairs;