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Appointee means the person named by you and registered with us in accordance with the Nomination Schedule, who is authorized to receive the Death Benefit under this Policy on the death of the Life Assured while the Nominee is a minor;
Appointee means the person named in the Schedule to whom the Death Benefit shall become payable if the Nominee is less than Age 18 when the Death Benefit becomes payable.
Appointee means any receiver, administrator or other insolvency officer appointed in respect of any Loan Party or its assets.

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  • In relation to any Appointee the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 applies to this Clause 9.4.

  • Figure 1: Summary Data of Policy Body Demographics, 2019 Appointee DemographicsPercentage of AppointeesWomen (n=741)51%People of Color (n=706)50%Women of Color (n=706)28%LGBTQ Identified (n=548)19%People with Disabilities (n=516)11%Veteran Status (n=494)7%Source: SF DOSW Data Collection & Analysis.

  • One of the two Board members appointed by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives must represent one of the four least populous disproportionately affected counties.During the period July 2021 through June 2022, Susan Skelton served as Executive Director of Triumph and the following individuals served as Board members:Governor Appointee: Vacant through 8-12-21 David Bear, from 8-13-21Attorney General Appointee: J.

  • Appointee" means an individual who has been appointed or reappointed to the office of notary public but has not yet taken the oath of office to be commissioned; commissioned.(3) "Authorization" means a notary commission, an electronic notary registration, an instructor certification, an approval, or a license issued by the Department pursuant to Chapter 10B of the General Statutes.

  • A group of environmental specialists comprised of representatives from the following agencies will be convened as the Environmental Technical Advisory Group (ETAG) as needed to assist the SERT Leader: The NCDENR Appointee to the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) will serve as the chairperson for the ETAG.

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Appointee s Turnover Share” means, in relation to a Charging Year, the amount calculated as t / T where:
Appointee means any attorney, manager, agent, delegate, nominee, custodian or other person appointed by the Trustee under these presents;
Appointee means a member appointed to the Agency by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, but does not mean an individual employed or appointed by the Agency as staff;
Appointee means any attorney, manager, agent, delegate or other person properly appointed by the Trustee under the terms of the Trust Deed to discharge any of its functions or to advise it in relation thereto.
Appointee s customer” means a customer of the Appointee who is not also a customer of a Licensee, and the expressions “customer of the Appointee” and “Appointee’s own customer” shall have the same meaning;
Appointee means the person named in the Schedule to receive payment under this Policy, if the Nominee is a minor at the time payment becomes due under this Policy
Appointee means any delegate, agent, nominee or custodian appointed pursuant to the provisions of this Trust Deed;