Definition of Generation Resources

Generation Resources means the assets used for the production of electric energy, which are owned and operated by Consumers and directly or indirectly connected to the Transmission System pursuant to this Agreement.

Examples of Generation Resources in a sentence

See "--Description of the Generation Resources of the Federal System." For flood risk management, the storage in Canada is generally drafted through the fall and winter to create storage space and refilled during the spring/summer runoff to manage floods.
Transmission Provider or Transmission Owner shall provide Consumers with oral notification that is prompt under the circumstances of an Emergency that may reasonably be expected to affect Consumers' operation of any or all of its Generation Resources, to the extent Transmission Provider or Transmission Owner is aware of the Emergency.
The respective ownership of substation facilities is shown in the Wiring Diagrams for each of the electrical substations at which Consumers' Generation Resources are connected to the Transmission System (see Exhibit B), reflecting ownership changes through July 24, 2008.
Upon termination of the Agreement, Transmission Provider or Transmission Owner may disconnect Consumers' Generation Resources from the Transmission System in accordance with a plan for disconnection upon which the Parties agree.
The Technical Requirements for the Connection of Transmission Lines and Loads and the Technical Requirements for the Interconnection of Generation Resources are posted on the Transmission Provider's OASIS.