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Agency Name. DBLS Agency ID No: Wage Decision Type: ✘ Routine Maintenance Nonroutine Maintenance Minneapolis HRA MN002 0000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxx X Minneapolis MN 55401 Effective Date: January 1, 2024 Expiration Date: December 31, 2025 The following wage rate determination is made pursuant to Section 12(a) of the U.S. Housing Act of 1937, as amended (Public Housing Agencies), or pursuant to Section 104(b) of the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996, as amended (Tribally Designated Housing Entities), or pursuant to Section 805(b) of the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996, as amended (Department of Hawaiian Home Lands). The Agency and its contractors shall pay to maintenance laborers and mechanics no less than the wage rate(s) indicated for the type of work they actually perform. December 1, 2023 DBLS Staff Signature Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xx Labor Standards Specialist Date Name and Title WORK CLASSIFICATION(S) HOURLY WAGE RATES BASIC WAGE FRINGE BENEFIT(S) (if any) Operating Maintenance Engineer $38.61 $15.44 Building & Grounds Specialist $21.09 $8.44 Service & Maintenance Specialist $27.20 $10.88 Maintenance Team Lead $50.19 $11.75 Preventative Maintenance Technician $29.44 $11.78 Preventative Maintenance Technician 2 $32.82 $13.13 Xxxxxxxxx $43.94 $27.91 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx $47.44 $27.91 Electrician Xxxxxxx $55.38 $27.25 Electrician $52.00 $25.59 Painter $42.40 $28.87 Temporary Help Agency Building & Grounds Specialist $21.09 N/A Wiring Systems Technician $44.61 $21.69 Wiring Systems Installer $31.25 $17.69 Construction Supervisor $37.26 $14.91 Previous editions obsolete. HUD-52158 (05/2022) MINNEAPOLIS PUBLIC HOUSING AUTHORITY RIGHT TO KNOW INFORMATION FOR VENDORS (11/8/12)
Agency Name. [Insert in bold the full legal name of the NSW Health Agency. For non-corporate agencies [eg, Ministry of Health, Ambulance Service of NSW], this may be expressed as “Health Administration Corporation as represented by [insert]”] ABN [insert details] Address [insert details] Your Organisation Name [Insert in bold the full legal name of the recipient organisation] Trustee of a Trust Your Organisation [is] [is not] entering into this Agreement as a trustee of a Trust. [If the organisation is entering into this Agreement as a trustee of a Trust, with some exceptions, the organisation name should be “[name of trustee] as trustee of [insert name] of Trust Business or trading name [Insert any business or trading name, write “Not used” OR delete row] Incorporation details Incorporated under [delete as appropriate: Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)/ Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW)/ Cooperatives Act 1992 (NSW)/ Aboriginal Councils & Associations Act 1976 (Cth)/ other [insert]]: Australian Company Number (ACN) or other incorporation number [Insert the incorporation number of Your Organisation] Australian Business Number (ABN) [Insert ABN]
Agency Name. FEIN/TIN: DBA: Mailing Address: Street: City: State: Zip Code: Physical Address: Street:_ City: State:_ Zip Code: Phone Fax Email Website Business Structure: Corporation Partnership Sole Proprietorship Other Type of Producer: Agent Broker MGA National Broker Other Current Insurance Carriers & Premium $ Primary Contacts Marketing/ Underwriting Name: Title: Phone: Email: Accounting Name: Title: Billing Address: Phone: Email:

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  • INDIRECT COST (%) % of Grant $0.00 $0.00 TOTAL INDIRECT EXPENSES $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 TOTAL PROGRAM BUDGET $74,000.00 $17,000.00 $75,625.00 $17,000.00 1-year total $17,000.00 2-year total $34,000.00 Budget Narrative EXHIBIT C Agency Name: Olivehurst Public Utility District Project Title: Aquatics Program Project Period: July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2025 Budget Section FY 2023- 2024 FY 2024 - 2025 2-Year Total A.

  • WebGrants ID: Contract No. 664979-000 Agency: Project: Description: Funding Source: TOT (461-60-020170-4052) $2942 : GF (001-60- 008902-4052) $30,000 Amended Total Grant Award Not to Exceed: $232,942 Payment Terms: See Revised Exhibit C Agreement Term: Start Date: July 1, 2019 End Date: JUNE 30, 2025 PARTIES TO AGREEMENT: GRANTEE CITY OF SAN XXXX Agency Name: Center for Cultural Innovation City of San Xxxx Office of Cultural Affairs Address for Legal Notice: 000 X.

  • Points of Contact Public Housing Agency Name Title Phone Number Email Address VA Medical Center Name Title Phone Number Email Address Amendment, Duration, and Review: This agreement is effective when signed by both parties and will remain in effect until terminated by either party in writing.

  • Agency: Name of Agency: Xxxxxxxxxx-Xxxxxx County Opportunities, Inc.

  • Agency Name: NASPO VALUEPOINT CONTRACT Agency Number: Solicitation or Purchase Order #: 0900000504 – OK-MA-145 Supplier Legal Name: SECTION I [74 O.S. § 85.22]: A.

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Agency Name. PayrollProcessor: Email: Address: City: State: IN Zip Code: STUDENT JOB ASSIGNMENT (To be completed by hiring EMPLOYER) Student’s Job Title: Handshake Job ID # Supervisor Name: Student’s Hourly Rate: $ Average Hours per Week: Part 2: SUPERVISOR AGREEMENT: By signing this agreement, you are agreeing to adhere to all policies stated below.
Agency Name. Address: FEIN: Phone: Fax: Email: Mailing Address: Person Completing this Document: I hereby attest that all information provided in this document is accurate and complete to the best of my belief and knowledge, and once approved, ensure that all services will be conducted in accordance with the approved document. I also ensure that the local services will be in compliance with all applicable Florida Statutes and Regulations, Florida Administrative Codes, Federal Statutes and Regulations, and any other requirements as stipulated by the Office of Early Learning and the Early Learning Coalition of Brevard County, Inc. Signed: Printed Name: Title: Date: Compliance Does the agency comply with requirements for compliance and reporting for internal and controls pertaining to requirements in 2 CFR Part 200? These requirements include the Reporting following: for Internal
Agency Name. Federal ID: Mailing Address: Suite/Apartment: City: County: State: ZIP Code: * * * Status: Corporate Officer Partner Representative/Agent ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶ APP-PA-001 v1 Page 1 of 2 Producer Appointment App | PA 4/18
Agency Name. Dougherty County Sheriff's Office NCIC/ORI/Tracking Number: Mailing Address: P O BOX 1827 City: ALBANY State: GA Zip: 31701 Finance Contact: First: XXXXXX Xxxx: XXXXXXX Phone: (000)000-0000 E-mail: xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx Preparer: First: XXXXXX Xxxx: XXXXXXX Same as Finance Contact Phone: (000)000-0000 E-mail: xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx Independent Public Accountant: E-mail: Last FY End Date: 06/30/2014 Agency Current FY Budget: $3,177,938.00 New Participant: Existing Participant: Amended Form: Read the Equitable Sharing Agreement and sign the Affidavit. Complete the Annual Certification Report, read the Equitable Sharing Agreement, and sign the Affidavit. Revise the Annual Certification Report, read the Equitable Sharing Agreement, and sign the Affidavit.
Agency Name. Security Contact information:
Agency Name. Street Address: City State Zip: Attention: To District: Palomar Community College District Xxxxx Xxxxx, Contract Services 0000 Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxx Xxx Xxxxxx, XX 00000
Agency Name means “Agency Name” and any successor or assign thereof permitted or contemplated by the Act.