Health Agency definition

Health Agency means the California Department of Health Services, or the local health officer with respect to a small water system.
Health Agency means city and county health departments and

Examples of Health Agency in a sentence

  • WISe providers must hold a current Behavioral Health Agency License, issued by the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR), under Chapter 388-877 WAC.

  • As the statutorily defined Local Public Health Agency (LPHA), DDPHE will work mutually with DPH to continue to use an application process for grants with restricted eligibility to identify and delegate or subcontract those functions that are within DPH’s area of expertise, relevant experience and functional capability.

More Definitions of Health Agency

Health Agency means a governmental or official body in a given country of the Territory, including FDA and EMEA, as well as any national or international or local regulatory agency, department, bureau or other governmental entity, which reviews, validates and/or delivers Regulatory Approvals.
Health Agency means any person other than a health establishment-
Health Agency means city and county health
Health Agency means city and county health departments and the department of health.
Health Agency means a local health department or similar
Health Agency means a “health agency” as defined in the Information Privacy Xxx 0000 (Qld);