Account Activity definition

Account Activity means when you perform any activity on the Account, or you use the Account. This includes when you access the Account information, perform Transactions with the Account, or update the Account information and/or Credentials.
Account Activity. A listing of all trades executed in Customer’s Account during a specified time period, including both Open and Closed Positions.
Account Activity means any deposit, withdrawal, wager or other transaction made by the account holder.[(b)] (c) Account holder means a natural person authorized by an [authorized pari-mutuel wagering entity] account wagering licensee to place wagers via account wagering.[(c)] (d) Account wager means a wager placed by means of account wagering. An account wager may be made by the account holder in person, via telephonic device or by the internet or by communication through other electronic means.[(d) Account wagering means pari-mutuel wagering in which an individual deposits money in an account with an authorized pari-mutuel wagering entity to be used for pari-mutuel wagering authorized by law to be conducted by the authorized pari-mutuel wagering entity].(e) Account wagering center means the facility or facilities with the capability of accepting account wagers [utilizing] using wired or wireless communications devices, including but not limited to wireline telephones, wireless telephones, and the internet, to transmit the placement of wagers on races and special events.[(f) Account activity means any deposit, withdrawal, wager or other transaction made by the account holder.][(g) Authorized pari-mutuel wagering entity means a corporation or association that is duly licensed by the commission or holds a franchise to conduct pari-mutuel wagering and simulcasting activity.[(h) Commission means the New York State Gaming Commission.] [(i) Dormant account has the meaning set forth in Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law section 1001(s).](f) Electronic signature shall mean an electronic sound, symbol, or process that is attached to or logically associated with an electronic record and is executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.[(k) Racing law means title 47A of the consolidated laws of the State of New York, the New York State Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law.][(i)] (g)Internet means a computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange.[(j)] (h) Official means a [representative(s)] representative of the commission. (i) PIN means a personal identification number associated with an account.[(l)] (j) Regional off-track-betting corporation means a corporation created pursuant to section 502 or section 603 of the [New York State] Racing, Pari-Mutuel Wagering and Breeding Law.[(m)] (k) Report means a summary of wagering activity or ot...

Examples of Account Activity in a sentence

  • Further, the Sub-Account Holder may request for such statement (including Account Activity reports) from the Participant at any time on payment of a fee on cost basis as prescribed by the Participant.

  • That is why when our national ATC controllers come on observer flights with our short-haul fleet, a flight to London is always included to show them firstly what real workload is and secondly how to manage it at the highest level.

  • In the case of purchases through the GSA Advantage system, if your order from GSA stores stock with your GSA Account (Activity Address Code) GSA will report the purchase.

  • In addition, my Account statement will include the following information: Account Activity • The opening and closing cash balances for the period; • For all transactions the date, type and total value of the transaction; and • For each transaction that is a purchase, sale or transfer: the quantity, price and description of each investment.

  • These reports will include a statement of sources and uses of funds, an updated six-month forecast, Designated Account Activity statement and statements of eligible expenditure under contracts subject to and not subject to prior review.

  • Login to Self Service Student Center, view your Finances, Account Activity and select the current term.

  • IPS account holder will receive Account Activity Report on a Quarterly basis, in case of any activity during the quarter.

  • provides online Account access to view the status of their Account(s), whereby Client may view their Account Value and Account Activity.

  • CFX reserves the right to limit the availability of historical User’s Prepaid or Postpaid Account Activity.

  • ACCOUNTING: All County Fund Organization Account Activity Code (if applicable) This is an all-county contract; departments will submit a Departmental Request ±Master Agreements when services are needed.

More Definitions of Account Activity

Account Activity. The withdrawal of cheques drawn on the Account and/or the withdrawal of funds from the Account and/or the execution of an action in connection with the Assets and/or in connection with existing rights in the Account and/or the execution of a charge instruction and/or the execution of a conversion instruction and/or the execution of any other instruction in connection with the Account.

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  • Development Activity means any activity defined as Development which will necessitate a Floodplain Development Permit. This includes buildings, structures, and non-structural items, including (but not limited to) fill, bulkheads, piers, pools, docks, landings, ramps, and erosion control/stabilization measures.

  • Extracurricular activity means any optional, noncredit, educational or

  • Terrorist activity means any deliberate, unlawful act that:

  • FTR Net Activity means the aggregate net value of the billing line items for auction revenue rights credits, FTR auction charges, FTR auction credits, and FTR congestion credits, and shall also include day-ahead and balancing/real-time congestion charges up to a maximum net value of the sum of the foregoing auction revenue rights credits, FTR auction charges, FTR auction credits and FTR congestion credits.

  • Curricular activity means an activity, course, or program that is:

  • Financial Crime Risk Management Activity means any action to meet Compliance Obligations relating to or in connection with the detection, investigation and prevention of Financial Crime that the Bank or members of the HSBC Group may take.

  • Activity Material means any Material, other than Reporting Material, created or developed by the Grantee as a result of the Activity and includes any Existing Material that is incorporated in or supplied with the Activity Material.

  • Nuclear fuel cycle-related research and development activities means those activities which are specifically related to any process or system development aspect of any of the following: - conversion of nuclear material, - enrichment of nuclear material, - nuclear fuel fabrication, - reactors, - critical facilities, - reprocessing of nuclear fuel, - processing (not including repackaging or conditioning not involving the separation of elements, for storage or disposal) of intermediate or high-level waste containing plutonium, high enriched uranium or uranium-233, but do not include activities related to theoretical or basic scientific research or to research and development on industrial radioisotope applications, medical, hydrological and agricultural applications, health and environmental effects and improved maintenance.

  • Education program or activity means locations, events, or circumstances for which the school district exercises substantial control over both the respondent and the context in which the sexual harassment occurs and includes school district education programs or activities that occur on or off of school district property.

  • Regulated Activity means any generation, treatment, storage, recycling, transportation, disposal or release of any Hazardous Substances.

  • Program or activity means all of the operations of any entity described in paragraphs (m)(1) through (4) of this section, any part of which is extended Federal financial assistance:

  • Commercial activity means any activity or employment of the vessel for which a contract or charter party is in force and includes the carriage of any cargo or persons for reward;

  • Gross alpha particle activity means the total radioactivity due to alpha particle emission as inferred from measurements on a dry sample.

  • Response activity means evaluation, interim response activity, remedial action, demolition, providing an alternative water supply, or the taking of other actions necessary to protect the public health, safety, or welfare, or the environment or the natural resources. Response activity also includes health assessments or health effect studies carried out under the supervision, or with the approval of, the department of community health and enforcement actions related to any response activity.

  • School-Sponsored Activity means any activity conducted on or off school property (including school buses and other school-related vehicles) that is sponsored, recognized or authorized by the Board of Education.

  • economic activity means putting goods or services on a market. It is not necessary to make a profit to be engaged in economic activity: if others in the market offer the same good or service, it is an economic activity.

  • Gross beta particle activity means the total radioactivity due to beta particle emission as inferred from measurements on a dry sample.

  • Peak Market Activity means a measure of exposure for which credit is required, involving peak exposures in rolling three-week periods over a year timeframe, with two semi-annual reset points, pursuant to provisions of Tariff, Attachment Q, section V.A. Peak Market Activity shall exclude FTR Net Activity, Virtual Transactions Net Activity, and Export Transactions Net Activity. Peak Season:

  • member of the work-related activity group means a person who has or is treated as having limited capability for work under either—

  • unlawful activity means activities that violate the laws of this state, including but not limited to any activity that violates a state criminal statute.

  • licensed activity means any activity set out in section 4 of this licence.

  • Regulatory Information Service means any information service authorised from time to time by the Financial Conduct Authority for the purpose of disseminating regulatory announcements;

  • Intrascholastic Activities means athletic or non-athletic/academic activities where students compete with students from within the same school.

  • Outside Activity means any private practice, private consulting, additional teaching or research, or other activity, compensated or uncompensated, which is not part of the employee's assigned duties and for which the University has provided no compensation.

  • Development Activities means any activity, including the discharge of dredged or fill material, which results directly in a more than de minimus change in the hydrologic regime, bottom contour, or the type, distribution or diversity of hydrophytic vegetation, or which impairs the flow, reach, or circulation of surface water within wetlands or other waters;

  • Project Activities means the activities to be undertaken or Works to be delivered or Property to be contributed or provided by you, your approved Sub-Grantees or your approved sub- contractors as summarised in the Particulars and more particularly described in the Agreed Proposal for which Xxxxx is payable under this Agreement;