Year 2004 Sample Clauses

Year 2004. As of the last day of each Fiscal Quarter in Fiscal Year 3.00:1.00 2005 As of the last day of each Fiscal Quarter in Fiscal Year 2.50:1.00" 2006, and as of the last day of each Fiscal Quarter thereafter
Year 2004. Effective January 4, 2004, an employee’s base wage shall be increased by 3.90%.
Year 2004. Narrated by Birabwa Jessica
Year 2004. Target - empty dispenser, 2,000,000 2.90 - 25% each w/o cartridges 3.60 quarter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Target - 2 empty cartridges 2,000,000 0.45 - 0.50 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Additional charge for starterset packaging especially made for the customer on request (instruction leaflet, plastic outer box, etc)
Year 2004. Drainage wells were made in the weir plates to reduce buoyancy.
Year 2004. My name is Birabwa Jessica. I am from Kawempe, Kampala. I joined the federation in 2004 after being introduced to it by a lady from CIDI called Flavia Nakamatte. She was helping some members in our community and I was interested because I wanted to progress and develop myself. I also realized that the people who were forming the group were people of my area, people I knew, so I was not afraid. I have two children who I mind and children have so many demands. Without my savings, I could not have managed. The saving group has helped me when it comes to getting small loans to get by.

Related to Year 2004

  • Year 2000 State Street will take all steps necessary to ensure that its products (and those of its third-party suppliers) reflect the available state of the art technology to offer products that are Year 2000 compliant, including, but not limited to, century recognition of dates, calculations that correctly compute same century and multi-century formulas and date values, and interface values that reflect the date issues arising between now and the next one-hundred years. If any changes are required, State Street will make the changes to its products at no cost to the Fund and in a commercially reasonable time frame and will require third- party suppliers to do likewise.

  • REPORTING ALLOWANCE In the event that a Team Member reports for work on his/her regular shift, without having been notified not to report, he/she will be given at least four (4) hours work at his/her regular rate of pay or if no work is available he/she will be paid the equivalent of four (4) hours at his/her regular rate of pay in lieu of work. This provision shall not apply when there is a lack of work due to a situation beyond the control of the Company. This provision shall not apply if the Team Member has not kept the Company informed of his/her current phone number.