Definition of Tax Laws

Tax Laws means any Laws relating to Taxes.
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Examples of Tax Laws in a sentence

No assurance can be given that Tax Laws or ERISA Laws will not change.
Further, we disclaim any undertaking to advise you of any subsequent changes of the matters stated, represented or assumed herein or any subsequent changes in Tax Laws or ERISA Laws.
STATE SALES AND USE TAXES The City is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio and is exempt from taxation under the Ohio Sales Tax and Use Tax Laws.
If the receipt or accrual of any indemnity payment under this Agreement causes, directly or indirectly, an increase in the taxable income of the recipient under one or more applicable Tax Laws, such payment shall be increased so that, after the payment of any Taxes with respect to the payment, the recipient thereof shall have realized the same net amount it would have realized had the payment not resulted in taxable income.
In preparing the discussions with respect to Tax Laws matters and ERISA Laws matters in the sections of Item 1 of the Form 10-K captioned "Federal Income Tax Considerations" and "ERISA Plans, Keogh Plans and Individual Retirement Accounts", we have made certain assumptions therein and expressed certain conditions and qualifications therein, all of which assumptions, conditions and qualifications are incorporated herein by reference.