Written Material Sample Clauses

Written Material. The Department shall provide CDPHE with internet access for materials that are relevant to the programs identified in this Interagency Agreement, including, monthly Medicaid Bulletins, the Department-generated brochures and flyers, relevant agency letters, and 10 C.C.R. 2505-10, Section 8.000 et seq. updates.
Written Material. 3.1 At the latest at the COMMENCEMENT DANFOSS is obligated to place the following material at EMCO's disposal without charge:
Written Material. Marketing Materials, Enrollee Handbooks, Basic Information, and any information or notices required to be distributed to Potential Enrollees, Prospective Enrollees or Enrollees by the Department or regulations promulgated from time to time under 42 C.F.R. Part 438 (collectively, "Written Materials") shall be easily understood by individuals who have a sixth grade reading level. Such Written Materials shall be available in alternative formats that take into account the special needs (e.g., vision impairment) of Potential Enrollees, Prospective Enrollees or Enrollees. The Contractor shall have in place a mechanism to help Potential Enrollees, Prospective Enrollees and Enrollees understand the requirements and benefits of the Plan. Where there is a prevalent single-language minority within the low income households in the relevant Department of Human Services local office area (which for purposes of this Contract shall exist when five percent (5%) or more such families speak a language other than English, as determined by the Department according to published Census Bureau data), the Contractor's written materials provided to Potential Enrollees, Prospective Enrollees or Enrollees must be available in that language as well as English. Translations of written material are subject to prior approval by the Department and must be accompanied by a certification that the translation is accurate and complete.
Written Material. All written materials heretofore supplied to Operating, including, without limitation, the 2000 and 2001 financial statements and revenue and expense computations are correct, complete and accurate in all material respects and none of such financial computations omits any item of material cost which should have been included under proper accounting practice.

Related to Written Material

  • Distribution of Written Materials Any written materials distributed by the Trustee to the Beneficiaries pursuant to this Agreement shall be sent by mail (or otherwise communicated in the same manner as Holdings utilizes in communications to holders of Holdings Shares subject to applicable regulatory requirements and provided such manner of communications is reasonably available to the Trustee) to each Beneficiary at its address as shown on the books of the Partnership. The Partnership shall provide or cause to be provided to the Trustee for purposes of communication, on a timely basis and without charge or other expense:

  • Written Warning If the employee again commits the same or similar violation within the specified period (or possibly an unrelated infraction), the employee will be given a written warning which will be placed on his/her personnel file. The employee will be told that if any further misconduct occurs, the employee will be disciplined again, more severely.

  • Prior Written Communications Any offer that is a written communication relating to the Securities made prior to the initial filing of the Registration Statement by the Company or any person acting on its behalf (within the meaning, for this paragraph only, of Rule 163(c) of the Securities Act) has been filed with the Commission in accordance with the exemption provided by Rule 163 of the Securities Act and otherwise complied with the requirements of Rule 163 of the Securities Act, including without limitation the legending requirement.

  • Promotional Material In the event that the Fund or the Investment Adviser makes available any promotional materials related to the Securities or the transactions contemplated hereby intended for use only by registered broker-dealers and registered representatives thereof by means of an Internet web site or similar electronic means, the Investment Adviser will install and maintain or will cause to be installed and maintained, pre-qualification and password-protection or similar procedures which are reasonably designed to effectively prohibit access to such promotional materials by persons other than registered broker-dealers and registered representatives thereof.

  • Retention of Written Communications The Registrar shall retain copies of all letters, notices and other written communications received pursuant to Section 2.1 or this Section 2.6. The Issuer shall have the right to inspect and make copies of all such letters, notices or other written communications at any reasonable time upon the giving of reasonable prior written notice to the Registrar.

  • Licensed Documentation If commercially available, Licensee shall have the option to require the Contractor to deliver, at Contractor’s expense: (i) one (1) hard copy and one (1) master electronic copy of the Documentation in a mutually agreeable format; (ii) based on hard copy instructions for access by downloading from the Internet

  • Marketing Materials (a) During the term of this Agreement, the Sub-Adviser agrees to furnish the Manager at its principal office for prior review and approval by the Manager all written and/or printed materials, including but not limited to, PowerPointÒ or slide presentations, news releases, advertisements, brochures, fact sheets and other promotional, informational or marketing materials (the “Marketing Materials”) for internal use or public dissemination, that are produced or are for use or reference by the Sub-Adviser, its affiliates or other designees, broker-dealers or the public in connection with the Series, and Sub-Adviser shall not use any such materials if the Manager reasonably objects in writing within five business days (or such other period as may be mutually agreed) after receipt thereof. Marketing Materials may be furnished to the Manager by first class or overnight mail, facsimile transmission equipment, electronic delivery or hand delivery.

  • Proprietary Materials Each of the Parties shall own its own intellectual property including without limitation all trade secrets, know-how, proprietary data, documents, and written materials in any format. Any materials created exclusively by IPS for the School shall be owned by IPS, and any materials created exclusively by Operator for the School shall be Operator’s proprietary material. The Parties acknowledge and agree that neither has any intellectual property interest or claims in the other Party’s proprietary materials. Notwithstanding the foregoing, materials and work product jointly created by the Parties shall be jointly owned by the Parties and may be used by the individual Party as may be agreed upon by both Parties from time to time.

  • Instructional Materials A. The Board recognizes that appropriate texts, library reference facilities, maps and globes, laboratory equipment, audio-visual equipment, art supplies, athletic equipment, current periodicals, standard tests and questionnaires, computers, and similar materials are the tools of the teaching profession.

  • Additional Written Communications The Company (including its agents and representatives, other than the Initial Purchasers in their capacity as such) has not prepared, made, used, authorized, approved or referred to and will not prepare, make, use, authorize, approve or refer to any written communication that constitutes an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy the Securities (each such communication by the Company or its agents and representatives (other than a communication referred to in clauses (i), (ii) and (iii) below) an “Issuer Written Communication”) other than (i) the Preliminary Offering Memorandum, (ii) the Offering Memorandum, (iii) the documents listed on Annex A hereto, including a term sheet substantially in the form of Annex B hereto, which constitute part of the Time of Sale Information, and (iv) any electronic road show or other written communications, in each case used in accordance with Section 4(c). Each such Issuer Written Communication, when taken together with the Time of Sale Information, did not at the Time of Sale, and at the Closing Date will not, contain any untrue statement of a material fact or omit to state a material fact necessary in order to make the statements therein, in the light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading; provided that the Company makes no representation or warranty with respect to any statements or omissions made in each such Issuer Written Communication in reliance upon and in conformity with information relating to any Initial Purchaser furnished to the Company in writing by such Initial Purchaser through the Representative expressly for use in any Issuer Written Communication.