Fleet Sample Clauses

Fleet. In general, any in-house mechanic may be assigned to respond to any emergency during normal working hours in any of the three operating companies. (This does not supersede the Mechanic Personnel Working Across 309 Jurisdictional Boundaries Agreement dated October 4, 2007). Example 1: Lincoln (CILCO) unit breaks down in the northern part of its territory. It would make sense for the Bloomington (rp) mechanic to respond to the service call. Lincoln staffs a 2nd shift mechanic only and the vehicle in need of repair is closer to the Bloomington garage. This example covers areas that both have Ameren in-house mechanics. Example 2: Any CIPS 702 units could be repaired by Ameren staffed mechanics in 702 territories. This would generally happen in areas that are in close proximity to an IP or CILCO garage. This example covers 702 CIPS areas that do not have Ameren in-house mechanics. These jobs currently are outsourced. Perform Preventive Maintenance on CIPS 702 equipment at individual operating centers where advantageous. This work is currently outsourced. It is not the company’s intent to perform all PM’s with in-house mechanics.
Fleet. As to each contracting state, "fleet" includes only those buses that actually travel a portion of their total miles in such state. A fleet must include 3 or more buses. [PL 0000, x. 000, Xx. X, §0 (NEW); PL 1993, c. 683, Pt. B, §5 (AFF).]
Fleet. Contractor shall use its best efforts to insure that their carriers provide a consistently high level of professionalism, workmanship, and customer service. Contractor shall maintain a sufficient fleet of fuel trucks, either with subcontractors or under their direct control, to meet delivery needs of the State and this Master Contract. The on-time performance of all carriers must be measured by Contractor and corrective actions shall be taken to remedy poor carrier performance. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, Contractor must remove any particular carrier or delivery personnel from providing Service to any particular Purchaser upon Enterprise Services’ or the Purchaser’s request and reasonable business judgment.
Fleet. The minimum number of Rental Vehicles in the Fleet referred to Section 3C of the above-captioned agreement throughout the following period shall be: TIME PERIOD NUMBER OF RENTAL VEHICLES On or before the last month of the first Agreement Year ___________________________(______) On or before the last month of the second Agreement Year ___________________________(______) On or before the last month of the third Agreement Year ___________________________(______) At no time after the end of the third Agreement Year shall there be less than _________________(_______) Rental Vehicles in the Fleet.
Fleet. No vehicle used in connection with this agreement shall exceed 12 years of age. The district will be provided a full listing of the current fleet. The District will have sole right to refusal of any vehicle assigned to its contract for any reason and at its sole judgment.
Fleet. As to each contracting State, fleet shall include only those buses which actually travel a portion of their total miles in such State. A fleet must include three or more buses.
Fleet. VSI will provide fleet service support for up 9 months from the effective date of this Agreement but excludes new vehicle purchases. Charges for the fleet service will be $33.35 per vehicle per month (prorated for any partial month):
Fleet. 7.1. GNE will ensure that all bus services within the Area are operated by a fleet of buses that complies with the following vehicle standards:  CCTV: all vehicles will be equipped with CCTV to aid passengers’ safety and security;  Vehicle Age: no vehicle will be older than fifteen years old following its first registration, unless it has been subject to a full mid-life refurbishment within the preceding five years;  Emissions: vehicles operated in the Area will comply with the following standards:  All vehicles will comply with Euro IV emissions standards or better from the commencement of the Agreement;  All new vehicles introduced to the fleet will comply with Euro VI emissions or better throughout the term of the Agreement;  90% of all vehicles will comply with Euro V emission standards by the first anniversary of the Agreement, rising by 2.5 percentage points on each subsequent anniversary such that all vehicles will comply with Euro V emissions standards or better by the end of the Agreement;  All vehicles operating on frequent services (services providing three or more weekday daytime buses per hour, as indicated in Appendix
Fleet. The Riskonnect RCMIS will provide the County with the following features or capabilities per further instruction by County: