Premises Term Rent and Commencement Sample Clauses

Premises Term Rent and Commencement. The LANDLORD lets and the TENANT takes ALL THAT the Premises described in Paragraph One (1) of this Schedule hereto (hereinafter call the “Premises”) together with the fixtures and fittings, carpets and appliances in the Premises TO HOLD the same from the commencement day specified in Paragraph Two (2) of the said Schedule and in the absence of any specified term until the tenancy shall be terminated in accordance with Clause 5 hereof paying therefore in advance the periodic rent stipulated in Paragraph Four (4) of the said Schedule on the rent days specified in Paragraph 5 of the said Schedule the first payment being made on the signing hereof and before the commencement day;
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  • Vacating your premises (a) If you are vacating your premises, you must provide your forwarding address to us for your final bill in addition to a notice under clause 4.2(a)(i) of this contract.

  • Extension Term Provided Lessee is not in default in the performance of any term or condition of this Lease, Lessee shall have the option to extend this Lease for two (2) additional terms of five (5) years per term, commencing with the expiration of the first or additional term, upon the following conditions:

  • Term of the Lease The lease begins at p.m. on (the “Check-in Date”) and ends at a.m. on (the “Checkout Date”).

  • Vacating Premises (i) If the Assuming Bank elects not to purchase any owned Bank Premises, the notice of such election in accordance with Section 4.6(a) shall specify the date upon which the Assuming Bank's occupancy of such premises shall terminate, which date shall not be later than ninety (90) days after the date of the Assuming Bank's notice not to exercise such option. The Assuming Bank promptly shall relinquish and release to the Receiver such premises and the Furniture and Equipment and Fixtures located thereon in the same condition as at Bank Closing, normal wear and tear excepted. By occupying any such premises after the expiration of such ninety (90)-day period, the Assuming Bank shall, at the Receiver's option, (x) be deemed to have agreed to purchase such Bank Premises, and to assume all leases, obligations and liabilities with respect to leased Furniture and Equipment and leased Fixtures located thereon and any ground lease with respect to the land on which such premises are located, and (y) be required to purchase all Furniture and Equipment and Fixtures owned by the Failed Bank and located on such premises as of Bank Closing.

  • Commencement Date The Subcontractor shall be permitted to begin the Services on , 20 (“Commencement Date”).

  • Extended Term Tenant shall have the option to extend the Term for two (2) consecutive five (5) year periods (the "FIRST EXTENDED TERM" and "SECOND EXTENDED TERM", respectively) on all the terms and conditions contained in this Lease including, without limitation, continuation of the adjustment of the Base Rent on an annual basis as provided in Section 3.3 below (provided only that upon commencement of the First Extended Term the only remaining option to extend the Term shall be the Second Extended Term and upon exercise of the option with respect to the Second Extended Term, no further right to extend the Term shall exist). Tenant shall deliver, if at all, written notice of its exercise of the option ("OPTION NOTICE") to Landlord at least six (6) months but not more than one (1) year before the expiration of the Term or First Extended Term, as the case may be. In the event Tenant fails to deliver the applicable Option Notice within the time allowed, Landlord shall deliver written notice to Tenant of Tenant's failure to deliver the Option Notice, and Tenant shall then have thirty (30) days from receipt of such notice within which to deliver the Option Notice, if at all, to Landlord. In the event (and only in the event) that, Tenant fails to deliver an Option Notice to Landlord within such thirty (30) days, Tenant shall be considered to have elected not to extend the Term of this Lease and thereafter, Tenant shall have no further right to extend the Term of this Lease. References in this Lease to the "Term" shall include the initial Term of fifteen (15) years and shall, in addition, include the First Extended Term and the Second Extended Term, if applicable.

  • Initial Lease Term The Initial Lease Term is for a minimum of ten (10) years; however, the State will consider a longer lease term if economic benefits are deemed to be in the State’s best interest. Please propose a fixed, or flat, rental rate for a Gross Lease: including all expenses – taxes, insurance, janitorial services, maintenance, etc. The State may elect to pay for utilities separately so please include a cost per square foot to reduce the rental rate if such occurs.

  • Base Rent Lessee shall pay Base Rent and other rent or charges, as the same may be adjusted from time to time, to Lessor in lawful money of the United States, without offset or deduction, on or before the day on which it is due under the terms of this Lease. Base Rent and all other rent and charges for any period during the term hereof which is for less than one full month shall be prorated based upon the actual number of days of the month involved. Payment of Base Rent and other charges shall be made to Lessor at its address stated herein or to such other persons or at such other addresses as Lessor may from time to time designate in writing to Lessee.

  • Union Activity on Premises and/or Access to Premises The Union agrees that neither it, nor its officers, agents, representatives and members will engage in the solicitation of members, holding of meetings or any other Union activities on Hospital premises or on Hospital time without the prior approval of the Hospital, except as specifically provided for in this Agreement. Such approval will not be unreasonably denied.

  • Commencement of Grid Rate 5.2.1 Number of days to go on grid: A substitute teacher employed for more than four (4) consecutive school days as a replacement for a specific teacher shall be placed on the basic salary schedule on the fifth (5th) consecutive school day according to the substitute teacher's qualifications and experience.

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