Architectural Review Committee Sample Clauses

Architectural Review Committee. Creation of Committee. There is hereby created a standing committee of the Association to be known as the Architectural Review Committee or ARC, to be composed of not more than three (3) individuals. Members of the ARC shall be appointed by the Executive Board, to hold office at the will of the Executive Board.
Architectural Review Committee. There is hereby established an Architectural Review Committee whose members shall be appointed by the Landlord. This Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) nor more than five (5) members. Members of the Architectural Review Committee shall serve at the pleasure of the Landlord. The vote of a majority of members shall constitute the action of the Architectural Review Committee. The Landlord or the Architectural Review Committee shall adopt standards and regulations (“Park Development Standards”) in accordance with the purposes and intent of these Regulations and Restrictions governing the design and construction of all Improvements on the Land. The Architectural Review Committee shall have the authority to amend the Park Development Standards from time to time, as it deems appropriate; provided, however, that any such amendments must receive the approval of the Landlord and the approval of each Tenant to the extent required by the Parcel Ground Lease for that Tenant. The Park Development Standards shall have the same force and effect and shall be enforceable as these Regulations and Restrictions.
Architectural Review Committee. Section 11.1.
Architectural Review Committee. An Architectural Review Committee (“Committee”) is created herein for purposes of carrying out the Architectural Review Procedure and other Committee duties described in this Lot Declaration. The Declarant shall act as the Secretary and sole member of the Committee until the Declarant relinquishes control of the Committee or no longer has any interest in any Lot, whichever is earlier. After the Declarant ceases acting as the Committee, the Association shall appoint three
Architectural Review Committee. The Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”) provided for in Article 6 of the Declaration shall be selected, and conduct its affairs as provided in this Article 8.
Architectural Review Committee. No building shall be erected, placed, altered (including, without limitation, any change of exterior color), or permitted to remain on any Lot until the building plans and specifications and a plan showing the location of the dwelling have been approved in writing by the Brookmere Architectural Review Committee (the “Architectural Review Committee”) as to quality of workmanship and materials, harmony of exterior design with existing structures and as to location with respect to topography and finish grade level and elevation. The Architectural Review Committee shall be composed of three members appointed by the Developer. Members of the Architectural Review Committee need not be owners of a Lot in the Subdivision. A majority of the Architectural Review Committee may designate a representative to act for the Architectural Review Committee. In the event of the death or resignation of any member of the Architectural Review Committee, the Developer shall have the exclusive authority to designate a successor. In the event the said Architectural Review Committee or its designated representative fails to approve or disapprove such plans or specifications within thirty (30) days after the same have been submitted, as to the Lot for which plans and specifications were submitted to it, such approval shall be implied and no longer required and this covenant will be deemed to have been fully complied with. Further, such plans must be left with the Architectural Review Committee during the period of construction after approval. If no suit to enjoin the construction has been filed prior to completion thereof, approval will not be required and the covenant shall be deemed to be fully satisfied. The Developer shall continue to have the exclusive authority to appoint the Members of the Architectural Review Committee until such time as it shall in writing expressly confer such authority to the Association as provided in Article XI.
Architectural Review Committee 

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  • Technical Committee 1. The Technical Committee shall comprise:

  • LABOR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE The Employer, jointly with employees selected by the Union, shall establish a Labor/Management Committee to assist with personnel and other mutual problems. The purpose of the Labor/Management Committee shall be to xxxxxx improved communication between the Employer and the staff and to improve working conditions and patient and employee satisfaction. The Committee may address staffing issues, including issues related to low census and including developing possible solutions to mitigate low census in specific work areas. The Union may request data to assist in its low census review, and the Employer will in good faith make such information available subject to the availability of information and any Employer confidentiality concerns. Management and the Union agree to study the use of reserve employees and investigate the reasons for their employment and utilization. The function of the Committee shall be limited to an advisory rather than a decision-making capacity. The Committee will recommend solutions to identified problems. The Committee shall be established on a permanent basis and shall consist of not more than eight (8) representatives of the Employer and not more than eight (8) bargaining unit employees, with not more than one (1) employee from each job classification and/or department. The Committee will be representative of hospital work areas. The number of Committee participants may be expanded by the mutual agreement of the Employer and the Union. The Committee shall meet not less than bi-monthly or as often as mutually agreed. The Committee shall operate under guidance of co-chairs, one to be selected by the Employer and one by the Union. The co-chairs shall prepare a common written agenda for each meeting to be distributed to all Committee members at least three (3) days in advance of the meeting; however, failure to place an item on the agenda shall not preclude the Committee from addressing any issue.

  • Labour Management Committee Where the parties mutually agree that there are matters of mutual concern and interest that would be beneficial if discussed at a Labour/Management Committee meeting during the term of this Agreement, the following shall apply: An equal number of representatives of each party as mutually agreed shall meet at a time and place mutually satisfactory. A request for a meeting hereunder will be made in writing prior to the date proposed and accompanied by an agenda of matters proposed to be discussed, which shall not include matters that are properly the subject of grievance or negotiations for the amendment or renewal of this agreement. Any representative(s) attending such meetings during their regularly scheduled hours of work shall not lose regular earnings as a result of such attendance. It is agreed that the topic of a rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol abuse is an appropriate topic for the Labour/Management Committee. It is understood that joint meetings with other Labour/Management Committees in the Hospital may be scheduled concerning issues of mutual interest if satisfactory to all concerned. Where two or more agreements exist between a Hospital and CUPE the Committee may be a joint one representing employees under both agreements, unless otherwise agreed. It is also agreed that the topic of utilization of full-time and part-time staff is an appropriate topic for the Labour-Management Committee. The committee shall have access to work schedules and job postings upon request.