Fencing definition

Fencing means all fencing including Panels, Gates, Crowd Barriers and Hoarding and other fencing components supplied to the Hirer pursuant to the Agreement.
Fencing. Members may not erect fences. • Pets: Members may keep a pet brought from home only after the Pet Registration fee has been paid and with the understanding that should the pet(s) become a nuisance to others or destructive, noisy, or otherwise obnoxious, such permission will be revoked by the Institute which shall have the sole right to make such a determination. Members are requested not to acquire pets while living in Institute housing. All dogs must be housetrained. Please see complete pet information on the IAS Housing website: xxxxx://xxx.xxx.xxx/living-ias/campus-housing/pets • Rubbish, Garbage and Waste: Members shall dispose of rubbish, garbage and waste in the proper manner in the interest of health, sanitation, and appearance of the property, as determined by the Institute’s Housing Maintenance Office and in conformance with local ordinances. Members may not shake, clean, or hang anything including bedclothes, rugs, dust cloths, towels, etc. from windows or on roofs of buildings. • Gardens: Members are not permitted the use of grounds for gardens. • Structures: Members are not permitted the construction or placement of any structure on the grounds. • Noise: Occupants of Members housing are entitled to the right of quiet enjoyment of their unit. Excessive noise caused by Members or their guests that disturbs any other occupant is not permitted. Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am weekdays and from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am on weekends. • Musical Instruments: Pianos are not permitted in Institute apartments. Other musical instruments are permitted but are subject to the noise clause above. A piano is provided in the Activities Center for use by members and their families, and the Center can also be reserved for other musical activities.
Fencing means all fencing including panels, gates, crowd barriers, hoarding and other fencing components supplied to the Customer under these Trading Terms.

Examples of Fencing in a sentence

  • Fencing shall maintain visual lines of sight in order to avoid vehicle and pedestrian hazards.

  • Fencing, including gates, must be continuous and shall not have gaps that would allow children to exit the outdoor play area.

  • Fencing shall include a minimum 8.5” x 11” warning sign with the following information: ‘Tree Protection Zone’; name and contact information of project owner or authorized representative; ‘Please contact the City of Pasadena Citizen Service Center to report any concerns (626) 744-7311’.

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  • Portable Chain-Link Fencing: Minimum 2-inch (50-mm), 0.148-inch- (3.8-mm-) thick, galvanized-steel, chain-link fabric fencing; minimum 6 feet (1.8 m) high with galvanized-steel pipe posts; minimum 2-3/8-inch- (60-mm-) OD line posts and 2-7/8-inch- (73-mm-) OD corner and pull posts, with 1-5/8-inch- (42-mm-) OD top and bottom rails.

More Definitions of Fencing

Fencing means the supply and erection of:
Fencing means all fencing including panels, gates, crowd barriers, hoarding and other fencing components supplied to the Customer under these Trading Terms. “Force Majeure Event” is defined in clause 16. “Financing Statement” and “Financing change statement” means a “financing statement” and a “financing change statement” within the meaning of s.10 of the PPSA.
Fencing means those activities provided for in the regulations of the Federation Internationale d’Escrime.
Fencing means ± 17 kilometres of game and electric fence surrounding Letamo;
Fencing unless otherwise authorized, shall mean a good grade commercial chain link, carried on solid posts set in concrete; suggested minimum is 11-gauge wire, two-inch steel posts set on no greater than 10-foot spans
Fencing means the non-scalable, portable, free-standing fence secured by the Board and made available to Members under this Agreement.
Fencing means a Colorbond fence of 1.8 metres in height and coloured Grey Ridge or equivalent;