Traveling Sample Clauses

Traveling. 40.3.1 An Employee shall not, on any one day, be required to make more than one move from one school to another.
Traveling. Overtime compensation referred to in article 46, shall only be applicable on a work day for hours in excess of the employee’s daily scheduled hours of work.
Traveling. The Employee's employment may require travel outside Israel and the Employee agrees to such travel as may be necessary in order to fulfill his duties hereunder. The employee shall engage in such travel as may reasonably be required in connection with the performance of his duties. All reasonable travel and other expenses incurred by the employee (in accordance with the policies as established from time to time) in carrying out his duties hereunder will be reimbursed by the Company on presentation to it of expense accounts and appropriate documentation in accordance with the customary procedures of the Company for reimbursement of employee expenses.
Traveling. Article 12.01
Traveling. Traveling cost will be charged at R4.00 per kilometre travelled on the day in relation to the event.
Traveling. 3 Musicians: Conductor; Associate Conductor/Keyboard; Drums. TOUR ITINERARY START DATE END DATE CITY / STATE VENUE NOTES 10/02/12 10/14/12 Cleveland The Palace 2 weeks 10/16/12 10/21/12 East Lansing Xxxxxxx Center 10/23/12 10/28/12 Nashville TPAC 10/30/12 11/04/12 Wilmington Dupont Theater 11/06/12 11/11/12 Layoff 11/13/12 11/18/12 Tempe Gammage 11/20/12 11/25/12 Tucson Music Hall Tentative Booking 11/27/12 01/06/13 Los Angeles Ahmanson 6 weeks 01/08/13 02/03/13 San Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Gate 4 weeks 02/05/13 02/10/13 Las Vegas Xxxxx Center 02/12/13 02/24/13 Dallas Winspear Opera House 2 weeks 02/26/13 03/03/13 Memphis The Orpheum 03/05/13 03/10/13 Naples The Philharmonic START DATE END DATE CITY / STATE VENUE NOTES 03/12/13 03/17/13 Tampa Tampa Bay PAC 03/19/13 03/24/13 Durham Durham PAC 03/26/13 04/07/13 Layoff 2 weeks 04/09/13 04/14/13 Fayetteville Xxxxxx Arts Center 04/16/13 04/21/13 Pittsburgh Xxxxx Xxxx 04/23/13 05/05/13 Chicago The Oriental 2 weeks 05/07/13 05/12/13 St.Xxxx The Xxxxxx 05/14/13 05/26/13 Layoff 2 weeks 05/28/13 06/09/13 St. Xxxxx Xxx Theater 2 weeks 06/11/13 07/07/13 Washington DC Xxxxxxx Ctr. Opera House 4 weeks 07/09/13 07/14/13 Schenectady Xxxxxxx'x
Traveling. 6.6.1 During the Term, the Authority may require that each of the Designers shall arrive to any of the Authority’s Facilities or to any other location required by the Authority, as the Authority deems fit, in order to perform the Services or any part thereof (the “Travel”).
Traveling. For travel necessary in connection with the PROJECT outside the Bay Area, a special hourly rate will be applied, calculated as half (1/2) of the normal RATES for every hour spent outside the Bay Area plus the normal hourly RATES for the actual time used for the PROJECT. Prior written consent by both PARTIES shall be required for all travel outside the Continental United States.
Traveling. See clause 1.4 of the Part A as no traveling time is allowed for within the radius of 6 km from the station. Therefore, the price is inclusive of traveling in this zone. If work is outside this zoning that the contractor shall be compensated for this via a rate as per the schedule of quantities. This shall be from the 6 km radius to the requested work. This price is inclusive of return trip. NOTE: rate is only for one way the return trip is not allowed for and must be included in the rate. ~1 WRITTEN INSTRUCTION FORM FOR THE AS AND WHEN MAINTENANCE AND EMERGENCY OF CIVIL WORK TO VARIOUS AND SEWER NETWORKS, POSTMASBURG REGION. FAULTS. REFERENCE PLACE DESCRIPTION ASSET No. MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR PROPERTY TECHNICAL SERVICES <J8 Annexure 1 CLAIM FORM / QUOTE FORM PART B REQUEST: _ CONTRACTOR, TRADING AS: _ TELEPHONE FAX CELL REPORTED DATE TIME Via Fax or Site Instruction Book _ DATE STARTED TIME ~DATECOMPLETED TIME _ IF WATER PIPE OR SEWER OR STORM WATER Depth of pipe _ Size of pipe Type of Pipe _ Position of fault i.e. distance from building/structure/mast post/fence post, etc. X metrefrom Y metrefrom _ COSTS: Materials R C Plant/equipment Labour Travel For use by Transnet Freight Rail's RepresentaUve: Approved Adjustments if any _ GL CoCe Xxxxx _ Purchase Order Number _ '1'1
Traveling. Should your family travel out of state or the country, please plan to self-quarantine and monitor/watch for symptoms before re-entering our facility for at least 3 days (incubation period of many viruses, including COVID.)