SCHOOL DISTRICT RIGHTS. Section 1. Inherent Managerial Rights: The School Board is not required to meet and negotiate on matters of inherent managerial policy, which include, but are not limited to, such areas of discretion or policy as the functions and programs of the employer, its overall budget, utilization of technology, the organizational structure, and selection and direction and number of personnel.
SCHOOL DISTRICT RIGHTS. The School District retains the full, unrestricted right to operate and manage all staff, facilities, and equipment; to establish functions and programs; to set and amend budgets; to determine the utilization of technology; to establish and modify organizational structure; to select, direct and determine the number of personnel; to establish work schedules, and to perform any inherent managerial function not specifically limited by this Agreement.
SCHOOL DISTRICT RIGHTS. A. It is expressly understood and agreed that all rights which ordinarily vest in and have been exercised by the District, except those which are clearly and expressly relinquished herein by the District, shall continue to vest exclusively in and be exercised exclusively by the District without prior negotiations with the Association, either as to the taking of action under such rights or with respect to the consequence of such action during the term of this Agreement. Such rights shall include, except as expressly provided otherwise in this Agreement:
SCHOOL DISTRICT RIGHTS. MPS and the District recognize that they each have and retain the right to determine their own practices and policies concerning (1) class size; (2) pupil-teacher ratios; (3) utilization of space for instructional purposes; (4) building new schools; (5) making additions to existing schools; (6) opening closed schools; (7) converting or reopening buildings or sections of buildings not currently being used for regular K-8, K-12 or union school instructional purposes; (8) determining each school, grade level and section in which they will make seats available for interdistrict transfers. Nothing in this agreement shall require MPS or the District in any future year either to continue, or to deviate from, and existing practice or policy concerning the foregoing, notwithstanding the effect of such continuation or deviation on MPS or the District’s ability to continue the number of available seats stated in this agreement.